Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Everlasting Encouragement

First, I should note that I stole the title of this post from my sister's blog.  Okay, sister, now you've been linked, which means we need an updated post from you :) 

Now onto the post.  After my journal last week I received some of the most encouraging comments from my amazing family. I mentioned near the end of the post that the little body image bug had started to gnaw at me. One reason I mentioned this is because at the start of this blog I committed myself to being as honest as possible to the readers.  Talking about body image is not the most comfortable thing for a girl.  In the back of my mind of course I know that being pregnant means I will inevitably gain weight; still, watching my body change so quickly after having lost weight prior to the wedding has been a little bit of a shock.  
Anyways, I know that you could easily just go read the comments left by my sister and husband, but I've decided to just compile everything here in one post that I can come back to when feeling this way.  
First, from my sister:
You are growing a baby!!! Do not think about your body image, I know it's easier said that done, but the beautiful baby in you needs room to grow!
Sister's are the best! They always know exactly what the other needs to hear.  And then from my husband:
I'm with Kim! Your body image is an image of the perfect and beautiful process of bringing life into this world. What a magnificent picture you are to me!
This one meant a lot.  I had just had a conversation with Jason about how embarrassed I felt talking to him about some of the less attractive aspects of pregnancy.  I said something along the lines of "I know we're married so we're supposed to talk about everything; but some of this stuff just isn't something I want to tell the one guy in the world who I really want to find me attractive." He of course reassured me in the moment, but to then come back and read this comment made it even better.  
Those comments alone lifted my spirits quite a bit! Okay, okay, yes I may have even teared up a little with how kind and meaningful these words were.  And then I received an email titled "Beautiful You" from my mom that truly put everything into perspective for me:
You, my precious child, are a partner with our Creator in the MIRACLE OF LIFE.  You were chosen by Him as the perfect vessel to bring forth this life.  How then, can the changes in your body be anything less than gloriously beautiful?  Transform your point of view to be like that of Mary, and to each change respond in faith, "Let it be done to me according to your word."I love you Beautiful One!! 

Ummmm. Problem solved!  I could not possibly ask for a more encouraging family!  I can't believe how wonderfully blessed I am :)  


  1. Oh, wow! Mom really put it in perspective! I've never really thought about it that way, but it's so beautiful! I love you!