Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prego Journal: Week 15

How far along: 15 Weeks

How big is baby:  Orange 
Total weight gain: +1
Maternity clothes: Not yet, but I pretty much only wear dresses and a few of my shorts that were either too big for me or my workout shorts.
Sleep: So-so.  I wake up anywhere from 1 to 3 times a night.  I do a lot of waking up just worrying about the positions I’m sleeping in.  It’s best to sleep on your left side once you hit the second trimester, so if I wake up and I’m not on my left side I get all concerned about it in the middle of the night.    
Best moment of the week: I made keepsake booklets of all the cards Jason and I have sent each other throughout the years as well as all of our wedding cards.  It was a lot of fun to read through these again.  The best part was that I found two Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards I had forgot to remove from some of the cards from bridal showers, so that was a nice surprise. 
Food cravings: nothing.  I've been enjoying veggies more though so that’s a plus.
Food aversions: Pasta is my biggest aversion right now. Also, I really do not like sweets right now.
Symptoms: Well, I had a return of the nausea.  It had been under control after I started taking Zofran.  But, zofran had some pretty nasty side effects with me so I had to stop taking it for awhile to get everything back on track.  About a day after I stopped taking it I threw up a few times, so that was fun.
Still pretty emotional this week.   
Movement: Nope
Gender: We may have agreed on both a girl and boy name this week!  That was pretty exciting.    
What I’m looking forward to:  Kendall’s wedding is this weekend!  Yay!  Couldn’t have come soon enough!  A few more weeks and I’m not sure I’d still fit in the bridesmaid dress.
What I miss: Feeling good about my body… I've had a rough time with body image this week.
Next appt: September 10th 
Workout/Fitness: I did a few smaller workouts this week.  My back has been bugging me a bit, I’m not sure if I overdid something with lifting weights last week, but I haven’t been totally comfortable in my workouts this week.   


  1. Names?!? I need to know these. :)

    You are growing a baby!!! Do not think about your body image, I know it's easier said that done, but the beautiful baby in you needs room to grow!

  2. I'm with Kim! Your body image is an image of the perfect and beautiful process of bringing life into this world. What a magnificent picture you are to me!

  3. What a sweet sweet husband, and great sister! And truer words were never spoken! You look beautiful! Even in your pictures! I sure wish I could hug your neck though!