Thursday, March 24, 2016

Panini 3 & 4 & 5 Months

How Old?
5 months! 

At 4 months he was in the 90th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight.  I have not measured him since then. 

Baby Clothes:
He can kind of squeeze into 3-6 month clothes and sometimes I put him in 3 month pants and he looks like a hipster with his skinny jeans on.  He is definitely most comfortable in 6 months clothes.

Let's see let's see, since turning 2 months until now, Panini has rolled over once front to back.  He gets so so close to doing it again every time he is on his tummy, but hasn't rolled over since the one time.  We were all super excited though.  Even Zilla celebrated his accomplishment and then showed him over and over how to roll.
Sometimes my mommy anxiety creeps up on me wondering why he isn't consistently rolling over yet.  I know all kids hit milestones at different times; but I let myself go to places like, well if I was home with him he wouldn't be stuck in a swing all day and would have more playtime on the floor.  But it's not something I can control, so I have to try and not worry too much about it.  Or bury my worries, as to not drive hubskie crazy.

Panini will scoot himself in a little circle while on the floor.  If I prompt him with a little push he will roll all the way over from back to front and front to back.

Hand eye coordination continues to improve.  He can now pass his toys from one hand to another.  He is also better about holding onto us as we carry him in our arms.  I love sweet little baby hugs!

He can reach for and grab his toes.

His grip is getting stronger and he will grab onto our fingers and pull himself up to a sitting position.  If he is in his bouncer we often see him trying to sit himself up.  He's also got a milking motion down with his hands.  When he is hungry he'll start to milk our fingers and then when he latches on his little hands go to work helping express milk.

Panini finally started to take the bottle about 2 weeks before turning 4 months old.  Though, I think he drinks the minimum amount and then takes advantage of having the fresh milk all night long (see below).

We celebrated Panini's conception day between months 3 and 4!  Happy you're alive day, baby!

Baby's Routine:
We're still pretty lax with this.  He just eats when he wants, sleeps when he wants, and plays when he wants.  It makes the days less stressful than trying to adhere to a strict schedule. Especially with an active older brother who only needs one nap time a day.

Panini usually naps in his bouncer during the day if we are at home.  If we are on the go he'll nap in a carrier.

For a couple of weeks before turning 4 months, he was sleeping through the night or only waking once at about 3 or 4.  More recently, he is back to waking every 3 or so hours during the night.  His congestion is so so bad and when we try to lay him down flat, he will start to choke on drainage, so he often sleeps in bed with us.  He will finally sleep next to me too, so Hubskie and I switch off cuddling with him at night after each feeding. 

My goal for the next month is to really get him transitioned to a crib for all at home naps and bedtime.  They mentioned at school they are going to start training on him at this as well, but I know they use CIO methods, which I don't exactly love.  So it's my motivation to use my own gentle method at home sooner rather than later.

Favorite food:
He's still exclusively drinking Mama's milk.  We will start solids either this or next month, depending on Panini's signs.  I am wanting to do baby led weaning this time around rather than starting with the cereals and purees.
Panini recently started getting distracted easier while feeding.  It's actually an adorable stage.  He's most distracted by me looking at him.  If I look at him and smile while he's eating, he'll let go and give me the biggest smile and start talking. I love it. 

Favorite Activity:
He enjoys laying on his play mat and watching the bird mobile spin. He also loves playing with his brother.  He reserves his biggest laughs for when his brother is acting silly.

We recently discovered that he thinks it is very funny to watch Boots play fetch.


Panini and I spend lot of time snuggling in the evenings using the wraps and recently the Ergo so I can hold him and cook at the same time.  I am super excited that he is big enough for this now.  While the wraps are more comfortable and snugglier, the Ergo is much easier and we are getting pretty good at nursing in the Ergo too. Which means I can grocery shop and nurse at the same time!  What?!  Super helpful. 

Favorite toy:
Panini really likes chewing on his Sophie giraffe and playing with the little taggie blanket we have.
Big Changes:
Pretty much how I feel about going back to work
Since our last post, I have gone back to work.  It has been a very difficult transition.  Panini refused to take the bottle for the first few weeks, but has gotten much better about this.  I think (know) the transition has been harder on me than on Panini. He's pretty easy going and the daycare ladies seem to really like him.  But momma misses him and his brother all the time.  People questioned my decision to forgo a lunch break to go feed him everyday, but even with him getting better with the bottle, I still go up there because I love getting to hold him. 

I have good and bad weeks with this.  Honestly, the hardest weeks are when we hit a new month.  He's officially 5 months old now, which means I feel like I have missed out on 2 months of his life.  I know it's not true, and that I am still here and experiencing all of his growing, but I just want to be with him (and his brother) more.  I think I've told a few people that I know being home wouldn't be all roses and rainbows, but I would have more opportunities to show them love and create positive memories.  There are some nights when Zilla is in a bad mood, or mommy is in a bad mood, and it just seems like we don't have a single positive interaction the whole day.   And that makes me filled with sadness.   If our time together was longer, we would certainly have bad moments and bad days but we would have more time to say I'm sorry and reset throughout the day.  Okay, I know I'm going into mopey land and not even talking about Panini anymore, but the work change has been the biggest change and I still don't feel like I'm adjusting to it terribly well. Usually I feel like I am hanging onto a very thin rope.

I am grateful to have coworkers and even a manager who is very supportive, loving, and understanding with all the emotions I have going on.    

Zilla and Panini:
On a less womp womp note, Panini has started the rudimentary stages of really playing with Zilla.  They play little Peekaboo games and the other day Panini started to grab Zilla's hand when he was trying to read him a book and it became a game of Zilla holding out his hand and Panini trying to grab it before Zilla pulled it away again.  They were both caught up with the giggles.  It was such a precious moment.


Zilla also likes to make sure Panini has plenty of things.  I often find him covered in toys or with Tupperware in his pack n play, because why not?

And more pictures from the past 3 months, just because there definitely aren't enough in this post already.  We love you little Panini!

Happiest 5 months, smiley bug!  The Vrlyfries