Sunday, July 26, 2015


Day 187: 07/06
My little goofball insists on wearing his sunglasses like this

Day 188: 07/07
Zilla sent his cousin a sweet bday message.  And then asked to watch it about 25 times that night.

Day 190: 07/09
 Back to the doctor's office for Panini and me! Everything is looking good, but I will get an ultrasound and the glucose test next time.
 Day 191: 07/10
I finally got a hair cut!  It has been way too long.  I also found a salon I like that is only 1.5 miles from our house!

Later that day we drove to Houston.  Unfortunately, we ran out of gas on our way there and had to pull off onto the service road.  Zilla and I waited and watched all the cars drive by while dada trusted some potentially shady individuals to drive him to a gas station.  It was an adventure :)

Day 192: 07/11
We went to Houston so momma could have a girls weekend with my college friends.  I actually didn't take a single picture (shame on me) but Hubskie was nice enough to send me updates of their adventures during the day because I was missing my Zilla!

 Day 193: 07/12
Dada and Zilla both fell asleep on our ride home.  And people say he only takes after me.  They're basically twins here

 Day 194: 07/13
Zilla loves to play baseball with Dada.  And he's getting pretty good at hitting the ball!

Day 197: 07/16
Zilla and momma made a quick run to the grocery store after I picked him up.  He loves going to Central Market because they give him a balloon and free samples.

 Day 200: 07/19
Lime popsicles are my favorite thing right now.  Lime popsicles dipped in Icelandic yogurt is just the

 Day 201: 7/20
Zilla asked me to take him for a stroller ride, which was totally out of the ordinary because he hasn't wanted to go in the stroller in a long time. We stopped and played for a bit and he was pretending this sign was a big phone and he was calling dada.

Day 202: 7/21
Grandpa watches Zilla usually once a week.  This either gives momma and dada a chance to have a dinner out or it gives momma the chance to go grocery shopping.  Either way, it's nice, and Zilla loves hanging out with his grandpa!

Day 203: 7/22
Because we are at the stage of taking off our pants in public.  He then proceeded to put them back on inside out before we went to the park.

 Day 205: 07/24
We are so so lucky to have neighbors who have a pool who let us come over all the time to use it.  Zilla loves swimming with dada!

Day 206: 07/25
We are also so so lucky that these neighbors also have the sweetest little Roodle who is Zilla's best friend.  They were just laying on the swing making faces and laughing with each other.  They are too precious!

Panini Update!

Poor Panini just isn't getting the blog love that Zilla did.  But this is obviously because his momma is chasing his brother around. Here I am at 26 weeks!

I finally got the maternity clothes from my sister in law, which has increased my comfort level by about 90%.  The remaining 10% would only be met if it was acceptable to walk around in underwear and a tank top all the time.  Seriously, it is so hot!  I am not used to being the hot person in the room, but geeze pregnancy and summer is quite a combination!

Panini is moving more and more and his most active times are at night.  One night hubskie was sharing with me some of the things that were stressing him out lately and causing anxiety.  Panini happened to be extra active at that exact moment so I took hubskie's hand and put it on my belly.  I think it helped to calm him down.  One of those little reminders that we are so blessed, even with all the stress a new baby brings, and to live in the moment because this moment is so beautiful.  I just love the gift of womanhood and having this opportunity to carry Panini with me for 9 months!

I have been trying to keep up with working out at least a little each week.  I don't have anything consistent going by any means, but I do go on little jogs (about 2 miles) and lift weights occasionally.  I really wish we had an elliptical type machine, because even with a running support belt, I can really tell my ligaments are a lot looser this time around and it's already hurting a little to run.

I love my OBGYN!  I can tell he cares so much.  Each time I visit him he reviews Zilla's birth story and Zilla's symptoms with his mild CP and always wants to make sure he is doing everything we can for a healthy baby #2.  He put in an order for another ultrasound at my next visit just to look in on things.  I'm not worrying about it.  I know there is very little that can be controlled when it comes to prenatal strokes, so I'm just trying to keep my stress levels down.  We have had so many blessings come to us with Zilla's diagnosis and I know that no matter what we will love Panini just as much!

I think Zilla is starting to get more of the idea that he will have an actual baby brother eventually.  We tell him he is a good big brother and do pretend games of putting baby to sleep and being quiet and gentle. 

I am really starting to get anxious about getting the rooms done before Panini is here. I can't believe it is so close and we haven't done anything.  We are planning to get started when hubskie has a break from school in August.

Aversions are pretty similar to last time.  I'm not really liking friend food much as it leaves a weird taste in my mouth.  Sweets are on the bleh list, except for ice cream and popsicles which I could eat all day. 

I most enjoy eating eggs in the morning and everything as spicy as it can possibly be made.

I had my first experience of heart burn the other day and it was terrible.  Luckily, so far, it has been a one time thing.  I do not want to repeat that feeling.  It happened right in the middle on a meeting with a client which was rather unfortunate.  Luckily there are two other pregnant ladies in my office so I was covered when I went looking for some tums.

A few people now have asked me about a registry, which I hadn't really planned on doing.  But after some urging, I went ahead and created an Amazon Wish List with some items that would be nice to have for anyone who is just itching to buy something.  Here's the link:

That's all for now,
The Vrlyfries

Monday, July 6, 2015

Vrlyfry-Day Weeks ???

Day156: 06/05-Day 161 06/10
Another lame excuse:  So I'm using Hubskie's old old phone right now and the data was not working on it.  He did a reset so that I could have access to data again, but I lost all of those pics in the process.
Day 162: 06/11
Today's the day we found out little Panini is a boy!!  I had a brilliant plan of blowing a bubble to announce, but turns out it is really hard to blow a bubble when smiling and laughing. 
Day 163: 06/12
 I thought it was a brilliant idea to buy a big inflatable pool for Zilla.  The original plan was to buy a small plastic pool for him to splash around in, but then I got to the store and this one looked so much more fun.  Nowhere on the box did it tell me I was going to need a special blow up tool to make it work.  So instead hubskie and I spent the evening pumping this sucker up with a bike pump. And then it sat in our living room for a few days.
Day 164: 06/13
It has been on my pregnancy bucket list to do a 5K since Zilla was in my tummy.  My running partner held me to my word this time.  He placed first overall and I was 3rd place finisher among the women!  I was pretty excited.  It was a tiny race, so not a whole lot of competition, but I was still happy to run the majority of the time. 

Day 165: 06/14
We celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary today!  By far, my favorite part of the day was taking pictures of these sweet sweet cousins playing together!
Day 166: 06/15
See, we eventually got it outside and he LOVES it!  Definitely worth these smiles. 

Day 169: 06/18
I had an appointment down near Hubskie's work, so I stopped by and surprised him with some Father's Day goodies!
Day 170: 06/19
Zilla playing at the park!
Day 171: 06/20
At swim class!  He works hard on his "big tower" while waiting for his turn.
We celebrated my beautiful sister's 30th bday today!
They threw an awesome murder mystery party.  Everyone had such a great time and really got into character.  And sister, I promise the rest of the pics will be on facebook very soon!
Day 172: 06/21
Since we were partying late into the evening at her mom's house, Roodle stayed the night at ours (Thank you Aunt C!).  It was fun waking up with this sweet little face.
 Day 174: 06/23
My AMAZING Mother in law sent me a box of maternity clothes.  I was so so grateful!  This belly is having a hard time fitting into non-maternity jeans and pants, so I think Panini was grateful too.
 Day 175: 06/24
Roodle and Zilla found an injured baby bunny and really enjoyed looking at it.  We're hoping his momma came and saved him after we left!
 Day178: 06/27
Zilla and momma made a run to Starbucks this morning and got Zilla a muffin.  He was a very very big fan of this muffin.

Kiddos at swim class that morning!

After swim we went to the fire station.  Zilla is in love with fire trucks and fire men.  He is going through a phase where he doesn't like his car seat and will yell "STUCK STUCK" after I strap him in.  I asked the firemen to tell him all about their seatbelts and how they always wear them when in the car.  This has reduced his car seat related tantrums considerably.   I think I'll go back and ask them to talk to him about sharing and being patient too :)
Day 179: 06/28
We went back to our favorite playground in Carrollton.  The next day I told our occupational therapist all about it and she was so excited to hear how accessible it is. 
Day 180: 06/29
Today we had therapy and even though I don't have a picture, I want to remember how great of a session we had today.  Zilla picked up and put three buttons into a piggy bank  with his left hand with almost no assistance today.  It sounds so small, but he's never done this before I was so so proud!  The pincer grasp/fine motor tasks are the hardest for him, so it was great to see this kind of progress.
 Day 181: 06/30
We went to Shady's to watch the US Women's Soccer team win against Germany!  Roodle and I stopped for a photo op.
Day 182: 07/01
Zilla woke up with a very sad eye.  I almost took him to the doctor because it was so swollen. Luckily it went away on its own.
 Day 183: 07/02
 The Babies R Us near us is closing and having lots of big sales.  I am adamant about getting a super comfy rocking chair/glider for kiddo #2 so I stopped to look at their deals.  After sending this to Hubskie, he informed me we could get a much better deal on Amazon.  But I did buy a new diaper it was somewhat successful trip.
Day 184: 07/03

 Zilla and dada got the day off and went to the Zoo in the morning with Grandpa while mommy was stuck working.  Hubskie was nice enough to bring Zilla by the office that afternoon and all my co workers took a quick break to play some good ole fashioned hallway soccer!
Day 185: 07/04
Day 186: 07/05
We watched the Women's National Team win the World Cup at Uncle B's house!  After missing the first four goals due to eating with the kids (and USA scoring them within the first 16 minutes)...I decided it was time to move them into the TV room.  Zilla had a great time and kept chanting USA USA!
Bonus video for all of the days I missed in between:
Pregnancy update:  We have a gender and a name!  The name won't be announced here, but it's nice to be able to call him something other than Panini to Zilla. I continue to grow at a steady rate.  I'm usually falling in the upper limits of "recommened weight" each week.  Which I'm trying to not worry about.  I am just used to falling in the lower end range with Zilla.  But it's still within range, so I will focus on that.
It has been really hard to find time and energy to work out.  Especially with it getting hotter, I can really only go for a jog in the morning, but I like sleep too much to motivate myself to do that. 
My sweets aversion is semi lifting...but only with ice cream.  Cake, cookies, and candy are still unpleasant.
I AM SO HOT ALL THE TIME.  I've never experienced this, as I am usually cold all the time.  But oh my gosh, sometimes I have hot flashes and I think my body is going to wither away into ashes.
Panini is starting to move more and I am reminded how much I love these little kicks and squirms.  Hubskie has also gotten to feel him!
I am drinking coffee again, but keeping it well below the 200mg max of caffeine per day.
I can't get enough spicy food.  And I mean really really spicy.  I ate at a thai food restaurant with my mom today and after I finished my soup and pad thai, which were made at the spiciest level, the waiter came over and said "Wow you can really handle some spicy food" My tolerance has gone up since being pregnant. 
This pregnancy is going so fast!  There is so much to be done before we are ready for Panini to be here.  But we have started to come up with real ideas for the nursery so that's one thing off the to do list.  Executing the nursery is a whole separate issue.
That's about all I can think of for now!
The Vrlyfries