Saturday, August 25, 2012

Prego Journal: Weeks 13 & 14

How far along: 13 Weeks
How big is baby:  Peachy 
Total weight gain: Back to my starting weight 
Maternity clothes: Not yet.  Although I have a feeling I’ll need to leave the button on a lot of my pants open here pretty soon.  I’ve really enjoyed that it’s summer and I can wear all my dresses
Sleep: This has improved.  Still only waking up once a night.  Probably because the phenegran knocks me out in the evening
Best moment of the week: We put an offer on a house and it was accepted!  We are in the option period until Tuesday the 14th and if all goes well we’ll close on the 7th of September!  Best part? The house is down the street from my sister!!! I am one lucky girl.
Food cravings: None but I’m finally able to eat cereal again!!  It doesn’t taste as yummy as it used to but at least I’m not eating toast an peanut butter every morning anymore. Oh actually I guess I did crave Schlotzky’s this week.  That was completely random, but I really wanted their sandwiches and salt and vinegar chips.     
Food aversions: Still fried foods.     
Symptoms: Nausea has lessened.  I made it through almost the whole week without getting sick…and then Sunday night I got sick.  But I even went a couple of days without taking all the phenegran I was allowed to, so it’s improving!
I’ve been super dizzy when I stand up and after I stand for a long period of time.  I got faint in church again…boooo…hopefully that will start improving here soon.
Movement: Nope
Gender: Not sure, hopefully we’ll know in a few weeks! 
What I’m looking forward to:  Going to the Dr’s appointment and going to Austin for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party this weekend!  I just hope I’m feeling well so I’m not a party pooper.  
What I miss: Going for runs    
Next appt: August 16th
Workout/Fitness: A little bit.  I finally made my way to the lap pool a few times this week.  It felt really nice just to float around a little.  
A short bit about pregnancy emotions
I have definitely experienced the full range of human emotions since being pregnant.  I’ve laughed harder and cried easier.  I’ve sat in practicum class and teared up over pretty silly things.  I’ve looked at my changing body in the mirror and freaked out over the tiniest little bumps or loss of muscle mass.  I’ve become upset with Jason for no good reason and I’ve pushed my sweet puppy boots away from me for simply breathing too loud.
And then this morning I was watching the news and a horrific story about a person who had been hit by multiple cars, none of which stopped to help this person, and as a result had been killed.  I began to cry.  Now, I’ve cried over news stories before; I’m a pretty emotional person in general. I cried on 9/11 and cried after each terrible story about mass shootings.  But this story might usually be one I would just listen to in disgust and disbelief and then go on about my day.  But today I cried was truly affected by this story.  I thought about this woman and the complete lack of compassion displayed by the drivers of these cars.  At first I decided that I simply should not watch the news while pregnant.  I’m too emotional to handle these kinds of stories right now.  But then I began to appreciate the raw emotion I was feeling.  While it was a sad emotion, it was so pure and uninhibited.  Other times I may hold back this purity in order to allow myself to just go on about my day.  But today, it is 3 hours since I first heard this story and it is still on my mind.  I guess I tell all of this just to say I have found another reason to appreciate my time as being pregnant.  Sure, I feel bad after I become unnecessarily moody towards Jason, but I so appreciate feeling all my emotions so completely right now.  Our emotions and emotional reactions are a gift from God that helps us to maintain our humanity. Our society often encourages us to control these or even suppress them.  But while I’m pregnant I will take full advantage of the full range of joy to sadness to nervousness I will experience…and no one better say anything about it; unless you want to be on the wrong end of one of these uninhibited emotions ;-)  

How far along: 14 Weeks
How big is baby:  Lemon 
Total weight gain: Still at starting weight 
Maternity clothes: Not yet, but I’m loving my stretchy skirt and flowy dresses more and more.  I’ve definitely grown a little bumpity bump.  I literally think I felt it grow or move above my pelvic bone on Wednesday, it was the strangest thing.
Sleep: It actually got bad again.  I thought you were supposed to stop needing to pee every 5 seconds in the second trimester?  Nope, I’m waking up lots in the night in order to go to the bathroom.  
Best moment of the week: Oh gosh there have been lots.  First, on Monday night we had a get together with my 8th grade class.  It was a lot of fun and so great to see some of my oldest friends! Not to mention, we did tell a few of them since we were planning on making it facebook official soon anyways.
We got to see Iggy again at our doctor’s appointment on Thursday!  Wow how the Igster has grown in such a short amount of time! Here’s the latest video.  He does a little kick!  I see a soccer player in the making!
And finally, girls weekend in Austin for Kendall’s bachelorette party!  It’s always fun to see those girls; especially now that they all know about the baby!  Also, I learned that “I’m pregnant and married” is the most effective way to get a creepy guy to stop talking to you.
Food cravings: Hmmm can’t think of any.       
Food aversions: I’ve been getting full easier, so once I’ve had my fill for the day no food sounds good.  Although I will say my aversion to veggies is officially gone!
Symptoms: Nausea is so, so.  Comes and goes.
Emotional!  I’ve had some tears this week.  I think the hardest was on Friday afternoon when I was saying goodbye to Jason for the weekend.  He was headed off to Houston and I was sticking around for one more night before leaving for Austin.  Man, it felt just like we had been transported back in time and we were having to say goodbye for a long week…okay okay it would only be for 1.5 days…but I’m so used to him being around!  The apartment was so lonely and empty without my love.  And if sleeping wasn’t already hard enough, it was even harder knowing he wouldn’t be crawling in next to me.    
Still feeling pretty dizzy
Movement: Nope, only on the ultrasound! We didn’t get it on the video but Iggy also did a little hiccup when we were watching and it was adorable!
Gender: hmmmmm….we’re starting to get some signs…   
What I’m looking forward to:  Getting a big bag of maternity clothes from Nancy next week!  Woohoo free stuff!
What I miss: sleeping
Next appt: September 10th  
Workout/Fitness: I’ve done at least a little workout everyday this week!  Holla!  Monday I did the Jackie DVD and o my goodness I was so so  sore for the next two days.  But it felt so good!


  1. Jason and I cannot wait to have a little niece or nephew living 8 days away! We're also pretty excited you and Jason will be there too. :p

  2. What she means by 'days' is 'houses.' haha 8 days would be in like Alaska. Anywho, I miss running too! Injuries from Corporate Challenge are hindering my progress! But soon, we will both be back in those ol' running shoes. :)