Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prego Journal: Weeks 9 & 10

How far along: 9 Weeks
How big is baby:  Grape!
Total weight gain: When I last weighed two days ago I had lost the pound I had gained…but as I write this and review the meals I’ve eaten since that weigh -in, I would not be surprised if I have now gained. 
Maternity clothes: Nope.  But my awesome sister and bro in law did buy me my first maternity shirt!  It’s super cute J
Sleep:  Sleeping is still difficult.  When I wake up in the middle of the night my stomach hurts something awful.    
Best moment of the week: Jason and I found a house we really like!  We may even put an offer on it!!  Fingers crossed (ps thank you to sister and bro in law for coming house hunting with us!)
Food cravings: I don’t even know.  I really enjoyed eating a bag of white cheddar popcorn on Saturday. 
Food aversions:  Fried food has definitely lost its appeal.  Also, I’m not real into super sweet things.  I baked some cookies on Friday but only got half way through baking the dough because I got sick of the sweet smell.   
Symptoms: Lots of tummy gurgles and nausea.  Also getting very light headed when I stand. Lots of fatigue.  Oh man c’mon second trimester!
Gender:  Not for awhile   
What I’m looking forward to:  Doctor’s appointment!  I’m 95% sure we get a sonogram this week!  EEEEEE!  
What I miss:  Exercise. Everytime I walk Boots by our lap pool I think to myself “today I will go swim laps” and then I climb the stairs to our apartment and sit on the couch and decide I’m too tired to move.
Next appt: July 19th!
Workout/Fitness: See above…it’s been a super lazy week when combined with the fact that I had to study for my CRC exam all week...therefore my head was stuck in a book and my butt on my couch.  

How far along: 10 Weeks

How big is baby:  Prune
Total weight gain: Back up one pound   
Maternity clothes: Nah.
Sleep:  Ohhhh it just keeps getting worse.  I’ve started waking up every two hours.  Preparation for feeding times? 
Best moment of the week: Hands down one of the best moments of my life, we got to see our little Iggy!  We had our first ultrasound on Thursday and it was incredible.  The tech was taking measurements of various things so I wasn’t able to see the screen at first.  So instead I was watching Jason’s face.  I knew the moment she moved to the baby because Jason’s face lit up.  It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  Love at first site J  And then she turned the screen and there was little Iggy, all curled up, heart beating strong.  Obviously I've known I'm pregnant for a few weeks now, but this made it so much more real.  For the moment, all the sickness didn't even matter because there was a little human being on the screen, growing in my belly.  It's the most incredible thing to see this life for the first time and realize that this little peanut is literally right there within me.  Every wonderful emotion that exists pulsed through my body.  I started crying (happy happy happy tears) and didn’t want to take my eyes off the screen. But alas, we had to go on with the rest of the appointment.  And this appointment was great; we got a folder with lots of information and were updated on everybody’s health.  Both I and the baby look very healthy so far! Yay!  We will get another ultrasound at 13 weeks, I cannot wait!   
Food cravings: I’ve enjoyed eating green apples with peanut butter this week.  Yay fruit!  Also I’ve had lots of turkey burgers. 
Food aversions:  Still most foods.  Primarily fish and veggies are still tough to eat, but I’ve been adding tomatoes to my sandwiches and some of my lunches have some veggies in them, so I’m doing my best.  
Symptoms: Oh still nausea, although I did only get sick once this week hurrah!  Lots of fatigue.  Also there is so much spit in my mouth it’s disgusting.  I’m sure you’re excited to learn that, but it is the truth.  
Movement: The baby was pretty still on the screen, sleeping away, conserving energy for all the growing Iggy’s gotta do.  But the little heart was moving away!    
Gender:  Of course we don’t know yet, but Jason and I did both wear blue to our Dr.’s appointment completely on accident.  Also, my supervisor at work says she senses it is a boy.
What I’m looking forward to:  Oh gosh, I think I’m going to tell my close college girlfriends this week and I am so freaking excited for this!!
What I miss:  Sleeping comfortably
Next appt: Aug. 16th
Workout/Fitness: I’m trying, I really am.  It’s so hard to see my muscle definition fading away, but working out makes me tired immediately.  

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  1. You were right, I did tear up. Love hearing about the emotions you felt when you first saw Iggy. :)