Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prego Journal: Weeks 7 & 8

How far along: 7 Weeks
How big is baby:  Blueberry!
Total weight gain: I have gained back 1 of the 4 pounds I lost a few weeks ago!   
Maternity clothes: Nope; but I wear a lot of dresses and my slacks for practicum/work during the week and most of my dresses are flowy and my slacks are all way too big for me.
Sleep:  Lots of waking up in the middle of the night to go potty.  Also just a general discomfort in sleeping.  
Best moment of the week: Telling Jason’s mom (and Memaw)! We were scared that we weren’t going to get to share the news because plans changed and she was no longer able to come visit us.  But then our realtor was unavailable to look at houses over the weekend so we made the trip to Houston and made the big reveal.  I videotaped it on my phone but it somehow got deleted L   Here’s how it went down:  “Surprise we came to Houston!”  “What?!  Why’d you make the trip”  “Oh to see Memaw”  “Well she’ll be happy to see you all”…a few minutes later while sitting on the couch: “Sooooo we didn’t tell you which Mewmaw we came to see…”  Insert shocked look on face “Are you serious”  “Yes!”  Insert lots of hugging and celebrating.  We later told Memaw at dinner  J  It’s fun being able to let more people in on the secret.
Food cravings: Bleh food.  I love toast and peanut butter right now.  On Monday-Wednesday all I could stomach to eat was fried chicken, so that was really weird for me.
Food aversions:  It feels like everything.  But more than anything soup.  Thinking about soup makes me nauseous…typing the word soup is making me nauseous
Symptoms: So so so fatigued.  All I want to do is sleep and/or lie down.
Nausea:  I have started having the worse nausea this week.  I skipped out early on class on Monday because of how horrible I’ve felt.  It lasts from morning to night.  Bah.  I don’t want to be a Debby Downer, but seriously, I feel so sick all the time. 
Movement: Nope.  That won’t come for awhile now.  
Gender:  No clue.  Jason and I started to think of names for boys and girls…we haven’t gotten very far.   
What I’m looking forward to:  Doctor’s appointment and telling my sister!  It has been killing me that she doesn’t know yet!  
What I miss:  Having any form of energy.  It’s so hard to just be around people who don’t know right now because I have to fake like I’m feeling okay.  
Next appt: July 3rd
Workout/Fitness: I tried doing some lunges the other day and almost immediately ran out of breath.  Also, I’ve tried going on some walks during slow periods at work.  My last walk resulted in me walking to the library across campus and falling asleep in one of the aisles.  

How far along: 8 Weeks
How big is baby:  Raspberry!
Total weight gain: None since last week.  I must be having some awesome metabolism or something right now because I feel like I have to constantly eat (see more below).
Maternity clothes: Nope.  I also confirmed this week that I can still fit into all of my jeans
Sleep:  It feels like it’s getting harder to fall and stay asleep.  I think it’s because I go to sleep feeling nauseous and wake up feeling the same.   
Best moment of the week: So much good happened this week!
We had our first Dr.’s appointment.  It was very exciting to go into the women’s center at the hospital.  To be honest, the appointment was a bit of a letdown.  Let me clarify; we really like our Doctor.  He’s an NFP only OBGYN which makes me feel so much more comfortable.  His rooms are also filled with lots of religious paintings/statues/symbols.  Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but again it makes me feel comfortable.  The let down was that I don’t feel like I’m any more prepared or knowledgeable about this process.  I was expecting to get some pamphlets or lists of do’s and don’ts, but no such thing.  We also didn’t get an ultrasound/sonogram which we had kind of been hoping for just for some reassurance that the baby is okay.  But I suppose it was too early.  We were told we would get to do that at our next appointment.
My true feelings about week 8 
Telling Kimberly and Jason!  I had been looking forward to this from the time we found out.  There’s this thing with sister’s where we need each other, and I definitely need my big sister during all of this.  We told them after a little pool party following the guys baseball game.  It went down like this: “Soooo we have an NFP question for you guys.  If my temp has been up for like 20 days, what does that mean?”  “ARE YOU PREGNANT?”  “That’s what the doctor said J”  “I totally called it!” Insert celebration.  Kimberly had picked up on lots of little clues and had already guessed it and was just waiting for the confirmation.  She knows me way too well!
Telling Bryan and Nancy!  Nancy might be my favorite reaction so far just because she’s so darn awesome.  We were at Jason and Kimberly’s for the 4th of July and brought over our birthday gift for Brooklyn’s 1 year old birthday!  We were going to be missing her party that weekend.  After opening her little Discovery Kit I said “Oh wait we forgot the card!”  So I handed the card to Nancy who bent down to show it to Brooklyn.  Then I said “Alright Brooklyn now read it out loud.”  And then the heavens shown down on us as Nancy began to read the card out loud.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect scenario…”Happy birthday Brooklyn!  You are such a blessing to our family.  We hope you enjoy your discovery kit as you begin to grow and learn lots of new things.  But wait, there’s more!  Soon you will get to share all of your new knowledge with a playmate – A COUSIN?!?!” And then Nancy got up and started jumping up and down and Bryan had this look of total confusion and she ran over to hug us both.  At this time I think it all sunk in for Bryan and he joined in on the hugging.  It was very exciting!  Then Nancy promised to pass on all of her books and lots of other goodies that I have been wanting to ask for from her for a while now!
Last, we got to visit Paul!  I think this was a great vacation for Jason.  He was definitely in need of some guy time to just relax!   
Food cravings: Food is a difficult subject right now.  I can most easily eat crackers and rice cakes.  All other foods are appealing for approximately 2 minutes and then they instantly become an aversion.  This makes grocery shopping very difficult.  I’ve also found that the only time I don’t really feel nauseous is when I’m eating.  It is a true paradox…nothing sounds good but I need to constantly eat.
Food aversions:  All food. 
Symptoms: Nausea:  It’s still lingering from last week.  Whoever coined the term “morning sickness” is just rude.  How very misleading.  It should be called “First trimester sickness”
Oh I’ve started a new fun symptom this week; instead of just feeling sick, I am now actually getting sick. 
Still very very fatigued
Gender:  Not for awhile    
What I’m looking forward to:  The end of the first trimester…okay okay…not going anywhere next weekend!  We’ve been doing a lot of traveling and it is wearing me out. 
What I miss:  Exercise and not feeling lazy and useless.   
Next appt: July 19th! Only two weeks until we hopefully get to hear a sweet little heartbeat
Workout/Fitness: See useless and lazy.  I did try doing some leg lifts while lying down.  This went over okay.  I feel so very sad counting this as exercise.  


  1. Yea! This blog made me laugh and not cry! NOT because you are now (you were then?) feeling sick, but because you're writing is funny.

    I love the picture of Bryan and Nancy finding out...their faces really do tell the whole story!

    Love you and Iggy too!

    1. Oh good! I'm glad that this was a funny one. Hopefully these journals will mostly be funny. Although I'll warn you week 9 has the first ultrasound and has some crying potential, but maybe just because it still makes me teary when I see it :)