Friday, August 24, 2012

Prego Journal: Weeks 11 & 12

How far along: 11 Weeks
How big is baby:  Limeee
Total weight gain: I think I’m up one more pound.  Almost back to starting weight.  
Maternity clothes: Nope, although I am really appreciating that all of my slacks are large on me so I’ve got room to grow.  We have started to see a tiny little pooch there J 
Sleep: Let’s not talk about it… although near the end of the week I only woke up one additional time during the night to go to the bathroom rather than 3 to 4 
Best moment of the week: Nothing too exciting this week.  But I did finally workout so that was nice…see more below.
Oh also the Olympics starting!  I LOVE the Olympics.  Although I’m a little bummed that I’m in school/work/practicum this summer. Last Olympics I was literally doing nothing with my life and was able to watch every single moment of the games, and I loved it.
Food cravings: I’m still all about lemonade.  I also like plain baked potatoes.
Food aversions: Still feel like most foods fall under this category.  I can’t say anything ever sounds good.  I’m usually just forcing myself to eat something. 
Symptoms: Throwing up.  I’ve started feel some cramps and my stomach always feels a little bubbly.  I’m also still pretty fatigued. Although it made me feel better reading some of the materials Nancy passed on to me and it said that what the pregnant body goes through in the first trimester is comparable to running lots of marathons.  So I think I’m allowed to put a 26.2 sticker on my car now, yes?
Movement: No, but I get excited thinking about when this does finally happen.
Gender: A few more weeks before we’ll know 
What I’m looking forward to: I am bound and determined to tell my best college friends this week!  We’ve had lots of misses in our schedules, so I’m thinking I’m just going to call everyone because I can’t hold it in any longer. 
What I miss: Sleep and enjoying food.
Next appt: August 16th
Workout/Fitness: I finally did it!  I’ve broken the workout fast!  Jason and I went to the gym on Friday after he got home from work.  I did a decently intense walking workout on the treadmill with lots of inclines and intervals.  Next I got on the stationary bike and lifted weights for another little bit.  We were going to go to the lap pool next, but it was closed so I went home and watched the opening ceremonies instead. 

How far along: 12 Weeks
How big is baby:  Plum
Total weight gain: Same as last week  
Maternity clothes: Nope.  There are a few shorts that I’ll unbutton the top button on after a meal, but other than that still fitting in my normal clothes.  I am definitely becoming more self conscious about my body though.  I have to remind myself that yes, there will be a bump on my belly and I can’t work it off…yet    
Sleep: It’s been okay.  Still waking up, but I guess I’m getting used to it.
Best moment of the week: Telling my college group of friends!  How exciting it was to get to share this news with them.  I also told my Papa Joe this week.  He got a little teary eyed when I showed him the picture of Iggy and then said “well y’all sure didn’t waste any time did you.”  A little bit later he said I’m just like my Memaw, getting pregnant right away.  I will gladly take any comparison to my Memaw as the best compliment ever.
And finally, Jason.  Jason is always the best part of everyday for me, but especially right now.  He has taken on so many new responsibilities already as I get through this first trimester feeling sick and tired.  But he has been a rock, taking on lots of new chores and tending to me as best he can.  I am so blessed to have him as my husband and walk with him through this journey.
Food cravings: This is going to be a pregnancy rant.  I still like Lemonade to drink, but not just any lemonade, specifically, Chik fil a lemonade.  I don’t know why but it is better than others.  It’s fresh and tart and makes me happy.  If you have a facebook or a television you’re probably aware of the controversy surrounding Chik Fil A.  Believe me, I have/had no intention on weighing in on either side of this issue.  But, if I bring my chik-fil-a cup into any public setting I get the dirtiest looks ever.   Not trying to make a statement, I’m just pregnant and need lemonade to keep me from throwing up so back off.  Oh and then there was Wednesday where everyone and their mom went to Chik Fil A to support them and the line was so long that I didn’t get my drink that day.  Can’t a pregnant girl just drink some delicious lemonade without making some ridiculous political statement?  Okay the end.    
Food aversions: The smell of fried chicken makes me very nauseous right now.  Lots and lots and lots of foods are turn offs.    
Symptoms: It has been such a rough week.  I was so hopeful after last week.  Not to mention, I woke up Monday morning feeling pretty good.  Not too much fatigue, I was excited for the week ahead. *Warning this part get a little gross so if you have a weak stomach don’t read on* But then Monday night came around…and it began.  I feel like I threw up nonstop from Monday through Wednesday.  If I wasn’t getting sick, I was moaning and feeling icky.  To top it off, our insurance company refused to pay for me to get Zofran, telling the Doctor to prescribe me Phenegran instead.  So I’ve started taking that, it works…ok?  I haven’t gotten sick but I’ve had some pretty bad stomach aches.  Oh and it makes me sleepy/loopy.  As if I wasn’t already tired enough.  Stupid insurance.
I’ve been getting very dizzy lately pretty much every time I stand.   
Movement: No
Gender: Still pulling for a boy 
What I’m looking forward to:  Summer school ends this week!  I’ll get a week or two to rest and do absolutely nothing, and I can’t wait. 
What I miss: Going to Mass and not fainting/blacking out every time we stand.  I can barely make it through a full Mass without feeling like I’m going to overheat and pass out.  I sit through parts we’re supposed to stand, I do the “half-kneel”, if I’m feeling particularly icky I only say some of the longer prayers to myself and don’t have it in me to sing.  Yes, I think I will enjoy being able to participate fully again one day.    
Next appt: August 16th
Workout/Fitness: ummm yeah not so much.  I thought that Friday workout would give me a jumpstart.  But then I was sick all week so I reverted back to sitting all the time.  


  1. I didn't know Papa Joe compared you to Meemaw, that's the best thing ever.

    I agree with you about Chic-fil-a lemonade, it's so tastey. Though, I did wait in the line to get me some yumminess on that Wednesday. :D

  2. sorry you've been feeling so sick.. that sounds awful! I'm so glad Iggy was at my wedding even though I didn't know it. you were glowing :-)

  3. Shout out to my boi, J-Fry! Hang in there lil Sis! We love you!