Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prego Blog: Week 37

How far along: 37 weeks (and 3 days...I'm a little late with this update) We're officially full term and can safely go into labor at any moment!  But preferably he'll wait until 40 weeks and 1 day so everyone who is out of town right now is back in town.  
How big is baby:  Watermelon.  Baby is busy practicing for life outside the womb: simulating breathing, sucking his thumb, blinking and pivoting 
Total weight gain: +18 lbs
Maternity clothes: Well, I'm down to one pair of "dress" maternity pants to wear.  My other pair is packed away in the hospital bag!  So if you see me, there's a good chance I'll be wearing brown pants...or sweatpants.  
Sleep: Still struggling here a little.  Both with falling and staying asleep.  It's always worst on the night before a Dr.'s appointment because I get anxious about everything being okay.        
Best moment(s) of the week: 
1) We went to Zest Fest this weekend!  Jason and I love spicy food.  Once a year there's a big convention for spicy lovers and we thoroughly enjoy going to this.  This year Jason beat the "CaJohns execution Station."  So proud.  We went to Red Hot and Blue for dinner that night...just in case our spicy quota hadn't been filled yet.
2) On Sunday evening we went to a Sidekicks game!  My family used to go to watch the Sidekicks play all the time when I was young.  But then they went away, and now they're back!  Jason bought me tickets for Christmas and it was so much fun!  If you're in the Dallas area, go support the Kicks!  It's good, pretty cheap fun! 
3) Since I'm a couple of days late on the blog you'll also get the update from my appointment on Monday.  This was a truly great appointment!  First:  It has been confirmed by ultrasound that Aidan has flipped and is no longer in the breech position!  I was so relieved to see this.  Second:  As I was watching the ultrasound machine all of a sudden I see a little face come on the screen.  I've seen a lot of profile shots of Aidan and a very strange looking face when he was itty bitty, but this was a clear face looking back at me.  My heart must have skipped a beat.  Looking at my precious son's little nose and mouth for the first time is one of the best moments I've had during this pregnancy.  I already love my son so much, but I fell even deeper.  I cannot wait to hold him!  
The white spot in the middle is his squished little nose and then right below are his lips
Baby foot! 
4)  I hosted Girls Night Dallas for my first time on Monday night!  It was a lot of fun having these girls over!  I'm so thankful to my sister for being a part of such a great group and inviting me to join.  A couple people brought there sweet little ones which helped to remind me of all the baby/toddler proofing we'll need to do as Aidan grows :)  I love the curiosity and adventurous nature of kids!  
Food cravings: Still no strong cravings   
Food aversions: sweets...which resulted in dessert at Girls Night being store bought fruit bars because I couldn't bring myself to bake anything
Symptoms: Having to go to bathroom every minute is probably the most prevalent.  Funny story (maybe TMI?): When we were at zest fest I went to the bathroom and of course picked the stall that was out of toilet paper.  So I decided to just sit there until everything had dried...great plan, except that I'm pregnant so every time I was about to reach the sufficiently dry point I would have to pee again.  #pregnancy problems.  Due to pregnancy brain and how it takes the simplest of tasks and turns it into the most thought/work intensive task possible, whenever I set out to accomplish something Jason's new motto is "Don't over exert yourself"
Movement: He's been poking his foot out my right side quite a bit.  It looks like I have a broken bone sticking out of my side.  He also snuggles up against my hip bone at night which kinda of tickles.  His kicks towards my ribs feel like something is tearing and always scare me a little.    
What I’m looking forward to:   We're going to a Stars game this Friday thanks to Jason's work!     
What I miss: Jason just had to mention sushi this week...so I'm missing that again.  Good news is we have a groupon to a sushi place that I cannot wait to use once Aidan is here! 
Next appt: February 5th!  I'm also meeting with Baby A's potential pediatrician on Feb 4th!
Workout/Fitness: I did pretty well again.  I think I went to the gym 3 or 4 times.  I feel so great afterwards getting in a little leg work.  I can feel my joints starting to loosen up a bit so I know I need to be pretty careful and keep a hold of the hand grips on any machine.  I also hosted two dinner "parties" this week (one being Girls Night with about 13 people and the other with 6 people).  I tried to pick easy recipes, but I think my pregnancy brain makes cooking for large crowds about 10 times more difficult so executing these turned into somewhat of a workout.

And last some love to my first son, Boots, whose world is about to be flipped upside down: 

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  1. This post definitely had me crying in a Drs waiting room. I hope the pediatricians appt goes well! Jason and I figure we will just go with whoever yall choose. :p