Monday, January 21, 2013

Prego Journal: Week 36

How far along: 36 weeks

How big is baby:  Honeydew melon.  Blood circulation is pretty much perfected and his immune system is now mature enough to protect him from infections outside the womb. Bones are stronger, but still pliable so he can make it through the birth canal. 
Total weight gain: +17 lbs
Maternity clothes: This week I had to return the remainder of my maternity jeans as the original purchaser is also pregnant and has progressed to the maternity jeans stage! (note: this person is not my sister in law so don't go spreading rumors).  But that's okay because I'm content to wear sweatpants from here on out. 
Sleep: ehhhh.  I think I'm having some third trimester insomnia.  In addition to getting up to go to the bathroom I've been having a lot of trouble going back to sleep.  For a comical touch here's how me getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night looks:  Wake up on my left side and realize I need to pee.  Untangle my legs from the comforter and my boppy pillow. With a grunt and a push turn myself onto my back and hope that momentum and gravity will take me the rest of the way onto my right side in preparation for getting off the bed.  Lay on my right side for about 5-10 minutes deciding how bad I actually need to go and maybe I can just wait a little longer.  Eventually decide that it's necessary I get up.  Slide my legs off the bed and let them hang over the side. Lay in this position for another 5 minutes mentally preparing myself to get up. Every now and then I'll make a fake effort to sit up trying to use my abdominal "muscles".  Finally put my hands under my shoulder and give a little push (probably another grunt) and barrel roll off the bed hoping Boots isn't under my feet.        
Best moment(s) of the week: 
1) Nina came into town!  She must inspire productiveness because we accomplished more this weekend than we have in maybe the past 2 months.  She also brought lots of goodies with her for us and for Aidan! 
2) We had baby shower #2 given by my aunts and a good family friend!  And what a great shower it was!  They set up a diaper raffle where people brought diapers in order to be entered into a raffle for door prizes.  This resulted in a huge number of diapers and we are so grateful!  
I must have the most creative hostesses!  From the onesie game and canvases from the last shower to the making personalized onesies and bibs at this shower, Aidan is going to have lots of personal touches from all the people who love him!  

In addition to all the amazing and generous gifts I was also given a beautiful glass elephant that was my Meemaw's.  I've written a little about my Meemaw before and how she was simply the most amazing woman.  She collected elephants, which inspired my decision to incorporate elephants into Aidan's room. So when they gave me this particular gift I pretty much burst into tears.  Luckily I wasn't the only pregnant lady in the room so I had people accompanying me in my crying.  

3) Our good friend is also expecting a baby in early February and had a shower this weekend!  I love the feeling of baby showers...the camaraderie and support you feel from loved ones, friends, and experienced moms, the overload of cute baby clothes, the excitement.  Everything is so wonderful!
4) Aidan's nursery is finally coming along!  We got book shelves for our den, which allowed us to move out all the books that were being stored in his room; I did some clothes organizing; The crib bedding is all put together; Jason and Nina put together Aidan's dresser; my amazing friend helped me apply one of the decals to the wall!  While it's in no way close to being baby ready, it's coming along and that makes me so excited.  I leave the door open all the time now and will just stand and stare at the room imagining the day there's a little boy in there. 
Food cravings: Nothing in particular but I sure feel like my appetite grew again (is that even possible?).   
Food aversions: sweets 
Symptoms: I've been taking more naps; which has been highly recommended by all of my books, apps, and blogs seeing as I will very soon get very little sleep.  My back is still acting up a bit.  Pregnancy brain is still in full swing, I forget where I put things all the time.  I think some nesting is definitely kicking in; I have this ever present feeling that once the baby is here my house will never be clean again so I'd better clean it now and appreciate how it looks.  I've also been wanting to "go out" more with Jason.  I'm not usually a movie person, but we've been to the movies the past two weekends just because I know it will never be this easy again to go.  My emotions are all over the place: one moment I'll be on a high and just go go go getting things ready, feeling ready, feeling excited and then two minutes later I start panicking about not being ready and will I be able to do this...Luckily Jason is good at reassuring me.
Movement: Feeling more rolls and stretches.  I don't know if I've already said this, but man is our little guy stubborn.  Whenever he's being real active, as soon as somebody puts their hand on my stomach to feel him he will go completely still.  I finally took a video of my belly doing some serious dancing just so I could show it to people and prove that he really does move!  
What I’m looking forward to:   Finishing putting the nursery together and finally taking pictures of it   
What I miss: nothing in particular this week.  In fact, lately I've been thinking about all things I'm going to miss about being pregnant. 
Next appt: Jan 28th...and after that it's once a week! Update on his position: Did I already write about this?  Geeze pregnancy brain, if so skip over.  I know I've mentioned that Aidan was breeched in our last sonogram and I've been doing lots of weird things to try and encourage him to flip.  At my last appointment while getting measured Dr. B said if was to guess he would guess that he's head down.  But since he's not 100% sure we will get another sonogram on the 28th...fingers crossed! 
Workout/Fitness: This was actually a pretty good week workout wise.  I went to the gym 3 times this week and on longer walks with Boots on 2 days of the week.  It's so funny to go to the gym while pregnant, you get some pretty funny looks.  I'm still loving the AMT machine the most but will also do the elliptical and lift *light* weights.  However, all of this may have been negated by the amount of "junk" food I had this weekend.  


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  2. Maybe the fact that Aidan is comforted by people's touch means he'll be easy to put to sleep?!?! :D There is hope!