Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prego Journal: Week 34 & 35

How far along: 35 weeks
How big is baby: Coconut. Baby is rapidly gaining fat and weight.  Most of his growth will likely be in weight not height for the remainder of his time in the womb. His brain is also rapidly developing.   
Total weight gain:  +15 lbs
Maternity clothes: On our anniversary I wiggled myself into my wedding dress (I told myself every year I would put on my dress again just to see how it looks).  This year, it was pretty comical; it's a good thing I was not a pregnant bride.  Baby showers are starting!  And since I've made a commitment to not actually purchase any maternity clothes, I maneuvered into a non-maternity dress that used to be a little boxy/flowy, but is now form fitting.  Sitting was not the easiest thing in the world.  
Best moment(s) of the week: Wow there's a lot to report since I have two weeks to cover:
1) The fightin' Texas Aggies beat OU in the Cotton Bowl and we got to be there! I had so much fun, it's been way too long since I've been to an Aggie football game. 
2) Our anniversary!  We had such a lovely first anniversary.  We went to Mass at St. Ann, had a delicious dinner at Steve Fields, and ate a one year old cupcake my sister and mom saved for us.  See pictures and video below:
3) Doing absolutely nothing:  Yes for the first week in forever, I gave myself permission to do absolutely nothing.  No traveling, no working, nothing.  Okay, actually, I took down all the Christmas decorations, cleaned the house, cooked, scheduled a plumber, started writing thank you notes, did lots of laundry, got my car title put under my new last name, and updated my car registration.  But, it felt like I did nothing so it was awesome!
4) BABY SHOWER!  Oh my goodness.  I literally had the baby shower of my dreams on Saturday.  Funny enough, all of my bridesmaids made the trip to be co-hostesses and my sister opened her house for the shower.  I can't describe how great my friends are.  It was a "co-ed" shower, so the boys played video games and watched sports in one room while the ladies painted beautiful canvases for us to decorate Aidan's room.  I got to catch up with some of my UNT friends as well as old high school/grade school friends, some of who are also expecting! Aidan received lots of adorable onesies in a game they organized where Jason and I had to guess who gave which onesie.  I was not an expert at this game; but eventually we got them all!  We also received lots needed items for the little man.  OH and my hostesses got together to buy us our travel system!!  Gosh we are so blessed! 

Food cravings: Hmmm I've been enjoying soups, probably because it's so cold.  I also made a low cal/high protein version of spinach and artichoke dip for my carrots.  I used to dip carrots in hummus, but since that's on the no-no list I came up with a substitute.  Cooking the dip was pretty interesting, seeing as pregnancy brain has taken full affect.  I forgot to put the spinach in the spinach and artichoke dip.  Luckily Jason realized this before it was completely done cooking and helped me fix the mistake. 
Food aversions: still sweets.  I tried to eat a bite of ice cream; it was not good.  I told my mom and sister in law I'm probably going to gain weight after giving birth and all these aversions go away.  I'll be eating cereal while drinking wine with an encore of chocolate ice cream and sushi.  It will be great. 
Symptoms: Yes, yes, still back pain.  Jason and I did some birth prep this week practicing relaxation and laboring positions.  One of these involves Jason kneading my back.  This was awesome, seeing as I'm not actually in labor, so really I was just getting a massage.  My brain is basically useless at this point.  I do regular checks to make sure I know where all of my essentials are (purse, keys, phone).  
Movement It was so much fun having my girl friends around me this week and letting them feel Aidan.  They were so precious whenever he would move, with lots of squeals and excitement.  It really never gets old to feel him move.  I will miss this most once he's born.  
What I’m looking forward to:  I suppose another week of relaxation and my second baby shower!  Nina is coming in town for the baby shower, which will be very exciting!              
What I miss: Jogging (oh I have a jogging stroller now, get ready baby!) 
Next appt: January 14th.  At our last appointment we had a sonogram!  Aidan looked healthy, despite being pretty small for being in the 34th week.  My amniotic fluid level also looked good.  However, he was in the breeched position.  Only about 4-5% of babies are still in this postion in the 34th week.  Dr. B let us know if he's not turned by week 36 we'll have to start talking about possible external cephalic version (turning him manually) which can cause fetal distress and result in needing an emergency c-section and/or scheduling a c section if he doesn't turn on his own.  So lots of prayers and positive vibes about him turning his little head down would be wonderful! I've been doing all sorts of funny positions and techiniques to get him to start the process (laying upside down, playing music near my pelvis, holding cold presses near the top of my tummy, inversions, etc).  Turn baby turn! 
Workout/Fitness: Jason and I got a membership to our local rec center.  I went there three times this week and used the AMT and elliptical machines.  I had to remind myself not to compare my pace to those around me and just focus on my exertion level.  I also lifted weights and went on a few walks with Boots this week. It felt great to have such an active week.


  1. I did not know hummus was on the bad list, so it's a good thing you mentoined it. I think the only hummus I've had while pregnant was Souad's, which was homemade. I'm betting things were ok...especially since I'm not sick!

    1. haha Yeah, the homemade stuff is on the "good for you" list as long as you eat it when it's fresh...I think it's only the store bought or longtime left over hummus we're supposed to limit/avoid.
      I will not miss all these food rules :)

  2. I wanted to see a photo of you in the wedding dress! :) Love how you choked down that cupcake, even though sweets make you nauseous. True Love!