Tuesday, January 1, 2013

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

I am so excited to be able to publicly say that my sister and her husband are expecting their first baby!!  I cannot wait to be an aunt times 2! And the best part is sweet little B-dub (baby's gender neutral name) will live right down the street from us!! YEEEEE!!!  
It has been so hard to not say anything about this on the blog this far.  We found out about B-dub during Aidan's week 25; remember when one of my favorite moments of that week was going over to sister and bro in law's house?  Yeah that's because they told us they were pregnant!!  But I couldn't just write that in the blog, so I had to wait and wait and wait  :)  But now everyone can know about the newest little blessing in our lives!   
If someone had asked me a few years ago how I would like my life to go in the future, I would have answered something like this "Well, I'd like to marry the love of my life (check) and by the time I'm 25 start having kids (check).  The absolute best scenario would be for my sister and I to be pregnant together, because that would be so much fun (CHECK!!)"  And it has been fun.  Remember when I went to Babies R Us to register?  Guess who else was there, not only supporting me, but also starting a registry?
Sitting down at the registry desk with my sister was a little surreal.  We were two giddy women :)  And the ladies helping us get signed up were pretty amused by us: pregnant together, husbands with the same name, and living on the same street.  Yeah, we might be besties.    
Congrats to my sister and her husband!  I can't wait to meet B-dub!  Y'all are going to be the most amazing parents.  

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  1. :D Thanks sister!! I would agree that this is the MOST fun. I can't wait for our little kiddos to grow up together. As I said in my toast to you, one of them could be giving a toast to the other in just 22ish short years!! I love you!