Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vrlyfry-Day: Week 3

Monday: 1/12
We went to the neighbors to watch the National Championship Game.  Uncle J Wag had just built this bed for Reesearoo.  She was so sweet with her babies.
Tuesday: 1/13
Only 13 days in and I forgot to take a picture.
 Wednesday: 1/14
Zilla loves playing the guitar.  The second Dada comes in from work, he goes to his room and starts trying to pick it up so they can play together.
Thursday: 1/15
Yup, this is a picture of our tub.  The important thing here is that for the past couple of months it has been gross and clogged because we thought we were going to have to pay $3000+ to get it fixed; per plumber #1.  But we finally got a second opinion and BOOM clog gone! I could have hugged the plumber.
Okay, to make up for the bathroom pic and also missing Tuesday, here's a second Thursday picture.  Sorry Aunt Berly and Uncle J Wag...the kids had some fun in y'alls room while you were gone.
Friday: 1/16
Zilla got this mask from Grandpa's house.  He got a big kick out of putting it on and looking at himself in my phone.
Saturday: 1/17
Zilla wanted to be like dada and lounge with his feet up.  Almost, Zilla.
 Sunday: 1/18
 This is a picture from the morning, but I would just like to note that Zilla had his best Mass ever today!  He was actually complimented on how well behaved he was.  Unheard of.  What a blessing.

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  1. So many great pictures!

    Woohoo for getting the tub fixed. :) That is major good news.

    Considering the state of our bedroom, I don't think Aidan and Reese could have messed it up any more than it is. You must have picked up, cause I had no clue.

    Loove the photo of Aidan lounging! How cute.

    Yea, Aidan! Way to do well during Mass!!