Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vrlyfry-day: Week 1

I'm taking a page (or 52)  from my sister's blog and plan on taking a picture a day for the next year. Hence the name of this series of posts...Vrlyfry-day is the day you get to stop by and see a little glimpse into our day to day.  As you may well know, 1 picture a day is really not going to be much of a challenge for me, but I'm trying to revive the blog and rarely find myself with time to sit down and write a long post with updates. My hope is for this to  be a good way to keep our friends and family, who don't live near by, "in the know" about the happenings with the Vrlyfries. And, to be honest, I like a place I can go back to and remember all the fun we have as a family; even if it's not some major moment, we are blessed in the mundane.
Let us begin! This week will be short as I plan on uploading the previous week's happenings on Sunday.   
Day 1:  January 1st is the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary.  We went to an evening Mass and had one of Zilla's best attendance to date!
Day 2: Zilla and hubskie had the day off today but mommy had to work. They were nice enough to come visit me and are officially the favorite people I've ever had in my office.

 Day 3: While not quite warm, today was the first day in a while with sun and temperatures above 50, so we took advantage with a family walk.
Day 4: We made our way back to Coppell today to go to Mass where we were married. Our 3 year anniversary is this week and I love going back to where our family started. We missed going last year due to me being sick. This is a picture from our rehearsal, our 1 year anniversary, and this year!

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  1. Soo you are doing way better than I am. I still haven't even posted my first pic a day post. Here's to 2015!