Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vrlyfry-day: Week 2

Day 5: 1/5
Hubskie and I started reading The Lord of the Rings today.  But if we are being honest, at this point I think hubskie is on page 85 and I'm trying to get through the prologue.

 Day 6: 1/6
Zilla and Mommy stopped by the neighbor's house to play with his cousin.  I absolutely love living so close. 

Day 7: 1/7
Happy Anniversary to Hubskie and I! We've been married for three years!  One of my favorite parts of our anniversary is that I've made it a tradition to put on my wedding dress.  If it was appropriate, I would wear this dress once a week; it's silly how much I enjoy putting it on.

Day 8: 1/8
It's a two picture kind of day! One of our new therapeutic activities is to play with different textures. Here Zilla is playing with kinetic sand.  It's one of his favorites...though not the cleanest activity.  The other one I just thought was so sweet because he's been taking out his angel wings lately and asking to fly around like an angel.  I love seeing his creative play!

 Day 9: 1/9
One of Zilla's favorite chores to help with is feeding Boots.  So much so that Boots may be getting an extra scoop at meals.

 Day 10: 1/10
Another twofer!  Hubskie and I had a Staycation and spent the evening in Fort Worth together.  Here's our view from our hotel room as well as our view from our seats at The Lonesome Dove.  YUM!

Day 11: 1/11
Sunday night dinner is always fun with these three kiddos!  It's great to see them play together.

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  1. Your seats at The Lonesome Dove look awesome! Husbandy and I will definitely have to make our way out there for dinner.

    Also, I love that Aidan is flying around in his angel wings. St. Michael, pray for us!