Tuesday, January 6, 2015

3 Years

It’s our three year anniversary! Three years ago we said yes to the vocation of Marriage and continue to say yes every day.   This is just going to be a short post to tell you all and especially my hubskie how much I appreciate everything he is.   So hubskie, while we were working on our list for Aidan’s 2 year birthday together, I was also working on my own list for you.  One for each month of our last year together (in no particular order).

1)      I love the way you smile at me in the mornings.  Usually I just get a glimpse out of my peripheral vision, but I see it and it means so much to me.

2)      I love the way you are patient with my impatience.  Sometimes I think I spend all of my patience with my clients at work and then I come home and have only a small amount left which is probably spent on our little Zilla.  So hubskie, thank you for being there for me when my patience is not being kind to you (or to myself).

3)      Thank you for reminding me to pray.  I am a worrier and you have a way of gently reminding me that if I am going to worry then I should also pray, because it is far more productive. 

4)      I love the way you adore my idiosyncrasies.  I have a lot of them, and you don’t get mad at me, so I appreciate that

5)      I love the way you care for our son.  I think we make a great parenting team.

6)      I love the way you make me laugh.  Thank you for your humor.

7)      I am grateful that you are so good at going shopping with me.  My whole closet would consist of clothes from my college years if not for you. 

8)      I am also grateful that you make delicious food for us and with just enough nagging from me have found a lovely balance of tasty and nutritious  

9)      I love the way you sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” to Zilla when he is crying and it always calms him down.
10) I love the way you dislike surprises.  So much so that you can't keep surprises or gifts from me.  This often results in early birthday/Christmas presents, of which I am a fan.  Also, I just generally find it amusing.  Though impressively you did surprise me at our engagement.
11) I am constantly impressed by your ability to memorize movie lines after only seeing the movie once.
12) It's hilarious to me how sports announcers always repeat what you have just said about the game or player or completely random off hand comment.  They're listening. 
Here's to year four and many more.
The Vrlyfries

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