Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prego Journal: Week 29

How far along:  29 weeks 
How big is baby:  Small cabbage.  About 17 inches long (how is this comparable to a small cabbage?).  Fat deposits are increasing and helping to smooth out the baby's skin.  Strength of kicks and jabs is increasing as bones are beginning to harden.    
Total weight gain: +13   
Maternity clothes:  Enjoyed wearing my new duds this week.  Also bought my first no-underwire, nursing bra.  Also, (tmi? nah, it's no secret that I'm small chested) this was my first B cup's a big deal.     
Sleep: Ooooo it's ok.  My back pain makes falling asleep a little difficult and I woke up with some leg cramps fairly often this week.   
Best moment(s) of the week: 
1) My husband.  He had some pretty hilarious moments this week and I laughed harder than I have in a long time.  I love my husband so much.  For example, after hanging up our honeymoon Christmas Ornament he took my hands and started to sing the Hoo song from The Grinch and dance in a circle.
2) Hearing Iggy's heartbeat.  Here's a video of the sound only (we didn't have a picture).  Around 21 seconds is probably the clearest. 

    3) Boots had an equally funny week.  On Friday morning as I was getting ready I turned around to find him all tangled in one of my tank tops, struggling to walk.  That evening after hanging up a shower curtain I came into the hallway to find him with a pair of my underwear on his head.  Apparently he likes laundry day because he gets to play in our pile of clothes.
4) I registered on Saturday!  I'm so grateful to my sister and sister-in-law for coming with me.  I would have been very overwhelmed without them there.  Baby registering might be more exhausting than wedding registering.  We got there around 2:30 and didn't leave until about 6:45 or so.  We are now registered at Babies R Us and  Some of the items repeat on the registries, but I wanted to give people the option of where they wanted to purchase some of the bigger items.  In the end, if we get something duplicate we can exchange one at Babies R Us.  I have a feeling we'll be going there a lot in the future.
Food cravings: nothing really
Food aversions: still the same 
Symptoms: Back pain and leg cramps are the major ones right now.  I'm still shocked by the size of my belly and how it gets in my way as I try to maneuver about.  Very emotional week.  I had two complete break downs this week and I also cried in my coworkers office on Thursday. 
Movement We've started counting his kicks once day.  He usually reaches the needed 10 kicks in less than 20 minutes (you typically want 10 kicks within one to two hours).  So he's definitely very active. 
What I’m looking forward to:  We are hosting a Christmas/Thanksgiving party for my Rehab Counseling classmates on Saturday!  I'm hoping it will be lots of fun.              
What I miss: Not having back pain.  
Next appt: Dec 11th...also a quick story from my appointment on the 26th.  I was scheduled to do my diabetes test on Tuesday morning.  I woke up and drank the nasty orange syrup they give you so that when I arrived at the office it would be time to get my blood drawn.  When I arrived I let the receptionist know when I had drank my sugar concoction. At this point I was informed that this was a 1 hour diabetes test and I had drank my drink as if it was a 3 hour test.  Therefore it was too late to get my blood drawn.  I was given another bottle and will have to go back to have the test run sometime this week.  Later, after I had given my urine sample, Dr. Behan was going over my labs and said "whoa, you're sugar is very high.  Did we make you wait too long so you went and got a cookie?"  Then I explained to him the situation.  He seemed relieved to know that my sugar is not typically that high.
Workout/Fitness: I was so bad this week.  I don't think I did a single thing outside of walking around Babies R Us for a few hours.  I'm going to have to do much better this week.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That little heartbeat sounds so strong! Love it.