Friday, December 21, 2012

Prego Journal: 32 Weeks

How far along:  32 weeks

How big is baby: He weighs as much as a large jicama and 19 inches long.  He is (hopefully) starting the transition into the head down position to prepare for birth.  His digestive system is set and ready to start processing milk. Baby's skin is becoming opaque.   
Total weight gain:  Not sure, I didn't have a scale this week because we're in Houston 
Maternity clothes:  Well, I think I officially hit my "fashion low point" of pregnancy thus far on Thursday night.  I wore a matching sweatsuit, my glasses, no makeup, flats, and socks to the movie theater.  To be fair, we were going to see The Hobbit and I needed to be as comfortable as humanly possible.  Nevertheless, let's hope this outfit is never seen outside of my house again. 
Is this really happening?
Best moment(s) of the week: 
We had a great time in Houston!  On Monday night we celebrated Christmas with Nina and had a delicious dinner at Flemings in Houston.  On Saturday we got to spend time with Jason's dad and went to the movies with him.  In addition to this, we had lots of time to relax and gear up for the coming months. 
We also got started on birth preparation (more on that below)!
Food cravings: Nuthin.  Eggs are still my favorite breakfast
Food aversions: The usual 
Symptoms: Mostly back pain and wanting to go to bed super early.  Jason gave me an excellent back rub while I was falling asleep on the couch one night and it was awesome. I still get cramping or quick pains in my legs sometimes
Movement He is such a jumping bean and loves to kick my bladder.  A couple of times this week I think he was two stepping in my stomach as my whole stomach came alive with movement rather than just one area.  I'm definitely going to miss feeling all those movements when he's here.  
What I’m looking forward to:  Christmas is this week!  WOOHOO!!!             
What I miss: Having 0 food restrictions and enjoying cereal
Next appt: January 3rd
Workout/Fitness: Jason and I went on a couple of walks this week.  I also started doing some birth focused exercises and stretches as recommended by my new book. 
Birth Prep:  After much stalling (we might be a little behind on this one), we finally got started on really getting serious about preparing for birth.  I looked at the classes offered by the hospital, but they only offered lamaze focused classes, which I have very little interest in taking.  So I started to do some research about alternate methods and decided to focus primarily on the Bradley method.  Rather than taking a Bradley class (which typically lasts 12 weeks...yeah we're too late for that...oops), we purchased a few books.  This way we'll be able to not only pull from the Bradley method, but other natural birthing methods as well.  I don't want to completely restrict myself to any one thing.  
I read through "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" in less than two days.  I found it very informative (although at times outdated) and it made me really excited for labor and delivery.  I also got a recommendation for a second book, "Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth" which I will be reading soon.  This same friend offered to sit down and chat with Jason and I about giving birth naturally.  I am so grateful for this.  Most people I tell I plan on going through birth naturally give me the "yeah right" face or are in utter shock that I'm even considering it.  I'm really excited to hear from someone who has already been through it successfully and is happy with her decision to do so.  
So why am I choosing a natural birth?  Well, I guess I should first clarify we will be at the hospital...which is one of my biggest concerns because I know a lot of hospital staff might push a number of interventions.  Thus, the importance of going in knowledgeable about each procedure and step as well as with confidence in my ability to do this.  My initial reason for wanting to look into a natural birth is my personal like for being in control and really experiencing the wide range of human emotions and feelings in their truest form.  This is similar to the reason I don't like to drink excessively or why I've never had even the slightest interest in trying mind altering drugs.  And if ever there is an experience I don't want to dull or alter, it is the experience of bringing our child into the world.  
After starting my research, I found there are a number of additional benefits to a natural birth both for the mom and baby.  Top among these would be how it can affect the ease of breast feeding.  There are additional benefits, but I won't go into each of them.
Finally, I decided I liked the Bradley method as a base method to build on because of the way it involves the husband.  I want Jason to feel just as involved and be an active participant in our son's birth.  Rather than this be an experience I share with the doctor and nurses, I'd prefer for Jason and my interaction to be the most prevalent and the others just an added safety measure. I think it's so beautiful to think about us working together during labor and delivery.
I also want to say I fully recognize that this is not the method for everyone and I respect every woman who has brought a child into the world through any method.  I think each couple should choose how they feel they will best be able to enjoy the experience.
I can't believe we are down to only two months!!  It's all so very exciting! 

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  1. I think the matching sweatsuit is cute!!

    I am so proud of you for sticking to your guns about natural birth. You are right, at the hospital, they may try to push it, but as long as you and Jason are both prepared, which it sounds like you are both active in the process of getting there, you will be just fine!

    What an amazing experience for you! Time has just flown by! It's weird, because I feel like my pregnancy is going so slowly, but I know the baby will be here before I know it, probably before I'm even really prepared for it!

    I've said it before, and i'll say it again, you and Jason will be amazing parents! Praying for ya'll!!!