Monday, November 26, 2012

Prego Journal: Week 28

How far along:  28 weeks...Third Trimester!! 
How big is baby:  Head of Cauliflower.  Brain wave activity indicates sleep cycles and dreaming. He is almost 16 inches long! Coughing and breathing skills are being practiced in the womb.  His lungs have reached a critical point of maturity where if he was to be born early he'd have an excellent prognosis.  
Total weight gain: +13 on Monday morning (+2 pounds from last Friday...thank you Thanksgiving).   
Maternity clothes:  Oh my goodness!!!  My amazing mother in law (Nina) surprised me with some new maternity clothes.  I wore them all this week.  It's perfect timing too, because my sister in law went through much of her pregnancy during the summer so most of her clothes are for warmer weather.  Now I have some winter maternity clothes :)     
Sleep: Well, it's been a weird week for that since I haven't had work.  The typical pattern has been fall asleep on the couch, wake up to go to the bathroom, transfer to the bed, wake up at 6:30am-7am to go to the bathroom, try to go back to sleep, give up around 8am and get up.  Although one day I went back to bed around 9 and stayed there until 11.  It was nice. 
Best moment(s) of the week: 
Thanksgiving and spending time in Houston!
1) We got to see all of Jason's siblings and his dad and Kathie on Wednesday night for a delicious gumbo meal.  We also had a surprise visit from his cousin.
2) On Thursday we got to spend Thanksgiving with the Garcia's, Nina, his aunt and cousin (who is also one of my oldest friends from A&M).  It was great to see everyone! 
3) The Texans won!  I'm officially a Houston Texans fan...sorry Dallas. Jerry Jones has never been my cup of tea. 
4) The Aggies won! WHOOP!
5) The Fightin' Irish won!   
Food cravings: I've been craving veggies this week.  I could go for a nice salad.  I've given up on ever having one of those intense "I need this now" kind of cravings
Food aversions: well, sweets.  But also, one that I've forgotten to mention is milk.  I think I might have some kind of gestational lactose intolerance.  I realize that's not really a thing.  But lately milk has made me feel icky.  This makes my usual love for cereal difficult as almond milk is now too sweet for me.  I will greatly enjoy eating cereal again once these weird aversions go away. 
Symptoms: Back pain has been pretty bad this week. Temperature regulation has still been a little weird. I get cramps in m legs every now and then.  I make funny noises when I'm trying to stand up from low positions and I burp a lot.  I am so thirsty all the time. 
Movement He was a little jumping bean this week.  All sorts of big kicks, twists, and hiccups. Also, Nina got to feel him!!   
What I’m looking forward to:  I think I'm going to try and register this next weekend with my sister in law for baby gifts.  Also, I may try to convince her we should use the vet clinic's ultrasound machine to see the little man, because I miss his face.             
What I miss: Back to missing sushi.  
Next appt: Nov 26th. (Tuesday) I get to do my gestational diabetes test..woohoo?
Workout/Fitness: Walks with weights, one jog, my own version (what my pregnancy brain could bring to memory) of the Jackie workout video a few times 

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  1. Don't worry...I read those must have this food right now type of cravings are really more for the movies. But maybe just saying you are having one next time Jason gets on your nerves. :)