Friday, November 16, 2012

Prego Journal Week 27

Look I'm a day earlier than usual on this one!  Technically I won't be finished with week 27 until tomorrow, but I've got some free time and want to make sure not to miss a week again.
How far along:  27 weeks
Not the normal "official" nursery pic, but it will do
How big is baby:  Cucumber. He is about 15 inches long from head to foot!  That's so big! If it's quiet and dad places his ear on my belly he may be able to hear the heartbeat (we have not tried this yet).  Taste buds are developed and the immune system is rapidly developing. 
Total weight gain: +11.4 lbs. I expect this number to jump significantly after Thanksgiving :) 
Maternity clothes:  I want new clothes. But I'll be patient and wait until after Baby A is here.    
Sleep: This week I was ready to go to bed by about 8:00 each night.  Jason has been so sweet and coming to bed early with me, which I really appreciate because I know he hasn't gotten to play his games in awhile. 
Best moment(s) of the week: 
I had a pretty good week at internship this week.  I'm a little bummed because just as I feel like I'm making a difference and building rapport with the clients I'm also having to start prepping for my leaving.  I guess that's the nature of internships.
I'm also looking forward to going to my friend's son's bday party tomorrow! 
Food cravings: Nothing in particular 
Food aversions: sah-wheats 
Symptoms: I think I may have become more impatient.  My belly has a sharp tightening every once in awhile if a turn funny and on Tuesday night it started doing a weird cramping thing, possibly braxton hicks, but I think it's a week or two early for that.  I'm very sensitive to temperatures.  I get hot easily and cold easily, there's simply no pleasing a pregnant woman.    
Movement He was a little less active this week :(  But, still definitely getting stronger.  During my counseling session on Tuesday evening he started speed bag style punching and it was so distracting!  But also adorable.  
What I’m looking forward to:  THANKSGIVING WEEK!  We're going to Houston and are going to get to see Jason's family, including his aunt and his brothers/sister in law, whom we haven't seen in a very long time.           
What I miss: Still missing good workouts.  I also miss waking up and thinking "wow that was such a comfortable night's sleep" 
Next appt: Nov 26th.
Workout/Fitness: I went on a few walks, but not nearly as many as I should have.  I also did the Jackie workout video a couple of times, with modifications to keep everyone safe.    

Pregnancy thought of the week:
My drive to work each morning varies between 30-60 minutes.  Therefore, I have lots of time to think to myself.  During one of these drives I started to think about my Meemaw, who passed away a few years ago.  I do this a lot during the holidays.  She was the epitome of the holidays for me.   I had a similar moment just before our wedding.  I became intensely saddened by the thought of having our wedding without her there.  Wearing her boots on the wedding day was such a special thing for me to be able to do simply to have her with me.  Anyways, I again started to become sad thinking about how our little baby boy would never get to meet her.  She was the best grandmother; so loving, generous, and fun.  Not to mention, an incredible example of a faithful servant of Christ.  But then I started to re-frame my thoughts. I reminded myself that while little man wouldn't get to meet Meemaw, he would get to meet his Mimi, my mom, who reminds me so much of my Meemaw.  Someone who just overflows with love for her family members.  On top of this, he will have Jason's parents too!  Who also have a never ending supply of love for us.  These thoughts made me quite happy.  I needn't worry.  We've got one lucky son!   


  1. yay for a tiny little immune system! bet he has the cutest antibodies around! :-)

    1. Jason got equally excited about the baby's immune system developing :)

  2. I think Aidan is lucky because he has such a loving mom! You too have so many of Meemaw's characteristics. I know she is up there playing the piano for the Lord and interceeding on our behalf!