Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Weeks 13-15

WOW I have a lot of catching up to do!  I have been feeling pretty tired lately and haven't been great about updating our daily pics, but I am still taking them.  So here you go, weeks 13-15:

Week 13
Day 82: 3/23
This is the same pic from the last post from Zilla's assessment. 

Day 83: 3/24
He was showing me how to use a bat.
Day 84: 3/25
Just hanging out with my little Roodle.  Love this Chica so much!

Day 85: 3/26
Still loving his bubble machine
Day 86: 3/27
Zilla was really enjoying that lemon.
Day 87: 3/28
Helping dada with the yard
Day 88: 3/29
Uncle B is the best!

Day 89: 3/30
The neighbor's came over for dinner!  Zilla stole Unlce J Wag's hat.
Day 90: 3/31
Zilla really enjoys bothering the neighbor's cat

Day 91: 4/1
For some reason he was convinced I wanted to carry the lawn mower.  Whenever I set it back down he would bring it to me and say "here you go momma."  April Fools?
Day 92: 4/2
Dada had a very busy week and we didn't get to see him too much.  So Zilla asked to take and send a picture to him in the morning.
Day 93: 4/3
His school picture.  We didn't order any.
Day 94: 4/4
We went down the street to decorate Easter eggs.  Look at these cousins having so much fun together!
Day 95: 4/5
Lots of Easter pictures!  I love this one of our little family.

Before the egg hunt I asked Zilla to get in a line so we could say go.  He stood directly behind Mini B like this.  I guess he has learned something at school

Zilla started out really strong with the hunt.  But then he realized after about 3 eggs there was candy inside and just started to open the 3 he already had.
Week 15
Day 96: 4/6
Zilla was putting a diaper on Elmo
Day 97: 4/7
Me and hubskie had a date night.  We went big and ate at Paninis Plus.  It was really yummy
Day 98: 4/8
Day 99: 4/9
It's hard to get a picture of Zilla smiling because he really doesn't like cameras.  But when he is in the mood, he can give the cutest pictures!
Day 100: 4/10
Y'all!  BABY!  She is so precious. We took a trip to Houston and I got to visit lots of my friends.

Day 101: 4/11

Playing at our friend's house!  He thinks running in hallways is the best too!
Day 102: 4/12

Lol his hair

Sploring nature; holding his first ladybug


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  1. The good thing about having several weeks together is that there are so many wonderful pictures all at once!

    1) I love that the bubble lawn mower showed up in 5 of the above pictures. Definitely worth the money!

    2) The picture of you and Roodle freaks me out because I see me at first glance every time.

    3) So many good pictures of Zilla's smiles in this post! Who needs a school picture?!

    4) Where is Panini Plus....I feel like that's a place Husbandy and I would both enjoy.

    5) I love the video. We have the best brother!

    6) Zilla with the ladybug is so cute. :-)