Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Week 16

Day 103: 4/13
Zilla was "fixing" his bike.  He would push himself 4 feet and then because his left side wasn't as strong as his right would start to veer off to his left and run into the grass.  He attributed this issue to the bike being broken, so he found a stick to fix it with.
 Day 104: 4/14
Well, these are awkward but it's all I have from Tuesday.  I was trying to find sunglasses.  I didn't end up buying any. 
Day 105: 4/15
My little guy, going on an adventure!  We are loving the nice weather being back.
Day 106: 4/16
Our first time seeing little Baby Panini (our gender neutral name) when he/she doesn't just look like a bean.  The profile!  Yes, I cried.  At one point it looked like Panini was snapping his/her fingers to the music that was playing in the sonographers office.  Musician in the making.
Later that day I went to Happy Hour with friends from work.  Our past three Happy Hours I have had to order fake drinks because they didn't know I was expecting.  This one was my favorite because it was just juice, rather than a bunch of sugar and sweeteners without the alcohol.
Day 107: 4/17
This is how my co worker and I announced to the office that we are both expecting.  I told her I was pregnant pretty early on and then a week later she found out she was pregnant too! 
Day 108: 4/18
Trying to pretend like our new park has lots of things Zilla can actually play on.  It requires quite a bit of parental participation. 
Day 109: 4/19
My bump popped this weekend!  Woohoo!  And I think it's getting bigger by the day. 

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  1. 1) Zilla is definitely a thinkin' and a solvin' Mouska-doer! Look at him fixing the bike. :-)
    2) I love that pregnancy announcement! I may have to steal it when the time comes.
    3) Grow Baby Panini, grow! I loooove pregnant bellies.