Monday, April 27, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Week 17

Let me just start by apologizing for this week.  I missed a few days and most of these pictures are anything brilliant.  But here goes nothing...
Day 110: 4/20
Zilla and I went to the park on Monday.  We started out at the new park, but he really prefers the "red slide" park so we ended up down by the school.  He also learned about the joys of jumping in puddles.
Day 111: 4/21 
Today we announced to the general public that we are expecting another baby!  Here's the picture we used.  I'm hoping that the pic a day blog can be my replacement for the super detailed weekly posts I did when Zilla was in my tummy.  Sorry baby #2, you're already getting the short end of the blogging stick.  Just know it doesn't say anything about how much I love you and can't wait to meet you!  It just says something about how tired I am.

Day 112: 4/22
Mt baby carrier addiction is being fed during this pregnancy, and I am super excited about it.  I finally convinced hubskie to let me get a woven wrap and it came in the mail today!  I don't expect to wear Zilla in it much, since he is more of a fan of walking.  But I do appreciate his willingness to let me practice so I'm ready to go when Baby Panini arrives!

Day 113: 4/23
Womp Womp no picture today, but happy birthday to my Godson!

Day 114: 2/24
Not only did I miss yesterday, but Friday's picture is pretty much a repeat of Wednesday's picture?  Yeah sorry.  It's all I had.  I tried out a new carry first, and it was a gigantic fail (thank goodness for the apple bribe or Zilla would have been pretty upset with me).  So we went back to the basic.  By this time I was worn out from struggling with the other carry and we ended up with a pretty messy version.  We did take Boots for a short walk while Zilla was up there and the wrap held up well.

Day 115: 4/25
My Godson's bday party!  What a little cutie.

 Day 116: 4/26
 Bump Update for 13 weeks!  Other people are starting to notice Panini's recent showing too!  It's a bit sooner than with Zilla, but I hear that's pretty normal for the second time around so I'm not going to worry about it.  Also, eventually I hope to take much better bump pics than awkward belly selfies, but for now this will do!

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  1. Love that wrap! I seriously need to get one for Roodle, that girl wants to be held all the time!

    Baby Panini you are SO loved! :-)