Monday, March 16, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Weeks 10 and 11

Week 10
3/2: Day 61
 This was the ridiculous shopping trip I took.  It included lingerie, wine, gum, ginger ale, and diapers.  Sounds like a good night to me.
3/3: Day 62
 This was me after I hosted Girls Night.  It marked the end of my party hosting for the month: a wedding shower, a birthday party, and GND.  It felt good to relax.
3/4: Day 63
Oops! No picture today.
3/5: Day 64

It snowed!  I mean, really snowed!

 Pretty snowy house!
3/6: Day 65
 Zilla and I took a roadtrip to Houston!  This is me eating my first fast food fish sandwich.  #Lent
3/7: Day 66
 Ooooo baby!!!  I finally got to meet this sweet little girl (2 weeks old)!  I love that my college friends are starting to have babies :)
Also, Bachelorette Party!! Woot!
3/8: Day 67
The kiddos were shaking it off at Sunday Night Dinner
Week 11
3/9: Day 68
I know this is not a good picture, but he rarely smiles in pictures with me  :)
 3/10: Day 69
Hubskie sent me this picture of Zilla.  He had built a tower and then started to pretend it was a guitar.  Because, why not?
3/11: Day 70
Zilla was telling me a very animated story about his bib.  It was adorable.  I couldn't understand most of it, but he was really into it.
3/12: Day 71
So I acutlally sent this to Hubskie to ask if it was the right salsa, but there's a decent story to go along with it as well.  I was looking at the salsas and this mom and her son were also in the salsa aisle.  She asked me a question about one of the flavors of the same brand and if I had tried it.  I told her I hadn't but then gave a detailed description of the pepper used in the salsa and how it has a great flavor and slow building heat.  She then joked with me about needing to have a few drinks before she committed buying something that spicy.  Next thing you know, she was asking me if I was available and would I want to go out on a date with her son.  He was of course mortified.  I then had to thank her, but explain that my extensive knowledge of peppers is credit to my husband.
Day 72: 3/13
Another Friday, another roadtrip.  Zilla was really into this book that he got for his birthday from his friend Bash. 
3/14: Day 73
Zilla loves when we visit Giddings Texas.  There's just so much room out there for a boy to roam! Also, Camo is his favorite dog ever.

That night, we got to go to the wedding reception for some friends from college and see lots of our old Thursday Night group.  These are some of the best people I know, and I love getting to see them!

 3/15: day 74
 Zilla saying goodbye to his buddy, Camo.  These two are too sweet together.


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  2. 1) I often wonder what people think when I'm buying lots of random stuff. I feel like one time it was women things and wine. They probably felt sorry for me....

    2) That video of the kiddos dancing....I love it!

    3) Loove Zilla's smile. So sweet.

    4) Zilla will definitely have to be in Destination Imagination with those thinking outside of the box skills!

    5) I wish I could have heard his bib story. I love when Roodle is reading a book to me, so I can imagine what Zilla was saying.

    6) That story about the salsa is so great! Did you at least think "and I still got it!" Haha

    7) The picture of Zilla saying goodbye to Camo is so cute. Being at the farm is fun!

  3. The salsa story got a chuckle out of's good to know you still got it.
    He really does love Camo, time to trade Boots in for a bigger model. Just kidding of course....