Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vrlyfry-Day: Week 12

Day 75: 3/16
Zilla really really wanted to go swimming.  "Look mama, I'll just sit in the float like this and won't get wet!"
Dada was out of town for the first part of the week and our wonderful neighbors were gracious enough to invite us over for delicious salmon! Roodle is an excellent hostess.
Day 76: 3/17
Hubskie will obviously be thrilled this is on here.  Kissy selfies get us through those business trips.
 Day 77: 3/18
 Zilla's school had a curriculum night and I got to go watch him do some Montessori work.  Here is stringing beads without looking.  What a pro.
We also got to look at his artwork
I asked Zilla if he wanted to hold his boat and he said yes.  Turns out it was because he wanted to try and eat the Cheerios off of it.
Day 78: 3/19
Mimi watched Zilla the night before and left him a block message for when he woke up in the morning!
 Day 79: 3/20
Zilla decided to fix mommy's hair.  It was so beautiful when he was finished.
Day 80: 3/21
Mommy wakes up earlier, so mommy gets to dress the Zilla.   Here he is practicing being a Yell Leader.  Precious!
 Day 81: 3/22
 Zilla and dada working on the yard together.

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  1. That's so cool that you got to go watch Zilla do some Montessori work. I love that! I also love seeing his artwork. :)

    I definitely teard up when I saw the note Mimi left. I bet he loved that.

    Congrats to Zilla and J-Fry for getting the grass mowed! :-p