Monday, March 9, 2015

Vrlyfry-Day: Week 9

I completely missed a week!  So sorry.  I had originally planned on making this a week 9 and 10 post, however my Google Drive stopped working on the desktop for some reason and I don't have the energy to try and fix it tonight.  But here is week 9 and hopefully week 10 will be here shortly!
Day 53: 2/23
 Snow day!  We spent the morning playing with our new Lego Airplane set!  SO FUN!
Day 54: 2/24
Snow Day #2!!  Rest assured, there was plenty of guitar playing during our snow days.  Later that afternoon Zilla went over to play at Roodle's while momma went to the doctor.  Thank you Aunt Berly!

Day 55: 2/25
 No Snow day today, but Zilla did have his 2 year old check up.  He's in the 60th percentile for weight and 75th for height!
Day 56: 2/26
 This was a rare glimpse of the sun for this week, so even though it was still in the 30s/40s, we bundled up and took advantage!
Day 58: 2/27
Zilla has a new thing for pulling my hair and tying it into a giant knot.  It's really fun.

Day 59: 2/28 
 We had originally planned on going to Houston for the weekend, but Zilla started to feel sick so we stayed home. He woke up extra cranky in the morning so he took an early morning nap with dada.  So Sweet!
Day 60: 3/1
 Y'all, this is me wearing Zilla in our new Ergo.  I have a weird obsession with different baby carriers and had been wanting to get a more mainstream soft structured carrier, since forever.  Hubskie and I were going to a movie one night and got there super early so we stopped by TJMaxx.  I found this new for $50!  They retail for around $120 and usually sell used for around $70, so I was pretty darn excited!  Zilla is indifferent about getting in it, but once he's up there he usually doesn't want back down for awhile. 

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  1. The hat and the jacket...I just can't get enough!

    I'm also jealous of the Ergo! Reese is wanting to be held a lot lately....I need to keep my eyes out!