Monday, February 16, 2015

Vrlyfry-Day Week 7

Day 40: 2/9
Dada has school on Mondays, Momma worked late, so it was a Whataburger dinner kind of day for the Zilla.  He wasn't complaining.  I figure, it was working on bilateral hand coordination...or something.
Day 41: 2/10
 We made our happy little way back to Scottish Rite today!  I can't believe how far we have come in less than a year.  The doctors were so pleased with all of Zilla's progress.
Day 41: 2/11
 Zilla insisted on using this spoon to eat his yogurt.  You just have to pick your battles sometimes.
Day 42: 2/12 
 I had a girls' night with some coworkers.  I am so blessed to work with people who are also my friends!
Day 43: 2/13
 Mommy finally remembered that Zilla's highchair can detach and become a booster seat.  Big boy status! Also, the return of the ridiculous smile.
Day 44: 2/14
The sweetest Valentines who ever lived! We went big on Valentine's Day and ate at Pluckers.

 Day 45:2/15
These kids love playing with their uncles.  I'm glad I caught all four of them, even if Mini B is just a blur.


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  2. I actually laughed out load when I saw the picture of Zilla eating yogurt with that spoon. So funny!

    I thought about moving Reese to the booster, but she's such a mess when she eats...maybe we'll wait.

    Love the Valentine picuture of Reese and Zilla!

    So glad the kids have such amazing uncles/dads! I know J-Fry would have been in there too if he was able to make dinner!