Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vrlyfry-Day: Week 5

Day 26: 1/26
Lots of the kiddos were at GND this week!  While it's always nice to have a mommy's night off, it's equally wonderful to see all of our kids play together.
 Day 27: 1/27
I had a rough Tuesday last week.  I spotted a Dove Chocolate and tore through the wrapper.  When I saw the message written on the inside I thought it was perfect.  Sorry I didn't read you before I tore you to pieces, Mr. Wrapper. 
Day 28: 1/28
 We drove up to Anna to visit Papa Joe on his birthday.  It was a tight squeeze in the back but so much fun to play with my Zilla and Reesearoo on our way there and back.
Day 29: 1/29
Zilla has been really into dressing himself lately.  This means he usually wears one of two shirts and he chose to wear penguin pants on Thursday.
Day 30: 1/31
 Y'all, when did CVS get carts with cars attached?  Because if I had known this was in there, I would have made this trip at a separate time.  Instead, I stood at the front of the store while Zilla messed around for 20 minutes.
And then we had minor fit when I finally told him it was really time to go.  Come on CVS...In and Out.  It was just going to be a quick in and out kind of trip.
Day 31: 1/31
 Zilla and Reese had their first swim lesson today!  They are just too cute; and they have such good daddies!
 Day 32: 2/1
Super Bowl fun!  Also, this is the face Zilla will make when I ask him to smile.  I mean this one or he'll yell at me to put down the camera. 

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  1. I'm sorry you had a hard Tuesday. :-( I'm glad Dove was there, though.

    I LOVE Aidan's smile. Too cute! I also love his penguin pants. :-)