Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Prego Journal: Week 39

How far along: 39 weeks (and 3 days). 

How big is baby:  Watermelon.  His skin color has changed from pink to white as a thicker fat layer has been deposited over the blood vessels. 
Total weight gain: +19 lbs
Maternity clothes: Nothing new.  Ready to have this baby so I can start fitting into more things again 
Sleep: It was pretty bad this week.  Lots of waking up and very little going back to sleep easily.  On Sunday night I ended up moving to the couch, because for some reason I sleep better there.  I think it's the back support of having something to lean into.        
Best moment(s) of the week: 
1) On Saturday my mom and I had a girls day.  I used the massage package Jason bought me a few months ago and I bought my mom the same package for Christmas.  Getting a prenatal massage was amazing!  I haven't felt that relaxed in 9 months and I finally got a little relief from the knot in my back.  If you're pregnant treat yourself to at least 1 massage.  After the massage we went to La Madeline and just chatted for a few hours.  It was fun getting to spend some time just me and my mom! 
Food cravings: I finally got my pizza this week!  My dad brought it by along with some goodies for the little guy.    
Food aversions: same, although I think my aversion to cereal or milk is lessening.  I actually ate a bowl this week and didn't feel terrible afterwards.
Symptoms: Lots of pains in my upper legs.  I think Braxton Hicks are increasing, although in all honesty sometimes I have trouble distinguishing between BHs and Aidan's movements.  Maybe a very few sharp contractions, but nothing serious yet.   
Movement: He had some major movement this week.  On Wednesday night I was sure he was getting ready to come because he was moving more than he has since he had lots of room in there.  He might also be trying to drop...I still haven't felt the dropping sensation, but sometimes I feel like he's trying really hard to get down into my pelvis and then never quite makes it.      
What I’m looking forward to:  Well gosh, his due date is THIS WEEK!  I know that doesn't mean that he'll be here, but I'm definitely looking forward to his arrival!     
What I miss: Sleeping comfortably...it's not even the number of hours I'm getting (or not getting).  I realize I won't be getting much sleep after he's born either.  It's more that when I do lie down I would love to feel comfortable.  
Next appt: February 13th...I think I'll find out if I'm dilated/effaced at this appointment! 
Workout/Fitness: I went to the gym three times  during the week and a few walks.  Jason and I decided that from here on out I wouldn't go to the gym anymore.  With my increased pains in the legs my fall risk has gone up.  Not to mention, I don't want to get home from the gym all tired and then realize I'm going into labor.  I'm going to need lots of energy when the time comes! 

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  1. I CANNOT believe he is due this week! The excitement I get when thinking about meeting my first little nephew brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to love on him!I love you sister.