Friday, February 15, 2013

Prego Journal: DUE DATE! (40 weeks)

How far along: 40 weeks...I'm even a little early on posting this one! Just in case. 
*Sorry, no picture this post.  I promise to take a final picture before going into the hospital...assuming he does indeed come sometime this week*
How big is baby:  Watermelon.  Baby's trickery skills are being developed this week as he toys with mommy's head seeing how many times he can make her think she's going  into labor.  Okay not app says my baby is born this week, but that hasn't happened, so I suppose he's just stewing around.  
Total weight gain: +20 lbs
Maternity clothes: Nothing new.  I complain whenever I have to put on real clothes.  Why can't PJs be acceptable everywhere? 
Sleep: Well, I've actually slept on the couch a few times this week.  I wake up just as frequently to use the bathroom, but falling asleep is easier for some reason.  However, I really miss sleeping in the same bed as my husband.  #readyforbabytocomeout        
Best moment(s) of the week: 
1) I put the finishing touches on our birth plan and birth timeline!  I love getting everything into place.
2) So about one to two months ago Dr. B asked if I had taken the tour of labor and delivery yet.  I hadn't, so I put it on my "to do" list.  Well a few weeks later I decide to look at the schedule and sign up for a tour.  Turns out the only available day was Feb. 15th.  Not knowing if I would make it that long, I went ahead and signed up.  Sure enough, I made it!  I'm glad I did.  I got some good information and already feel more comfortable with going into labor having seen the room and familiarized myself with some of the options.
3) After much procrastination, I finally sent out some real job applications.  I figured I should do this now before Baby A arrives, because there's a good chance once he's here I won't want to leave him. 
4) Lent started this week!  I truly enjoy Lent and am excited for this season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving!
5) I got to cook more this week! Read more about this below in the fitness section...
Food cravings: I can eat cereal again!  I'm not necessarily craving it, but I'm pretty excited that my aversion is gone. 
Food aversions: sweets.  This one is definitely not gone.
Symptoms: I've been very burpy this week.  Also I think BHs are increasing in frequency!   
Movement: Still plenty of movement!    
What I’m looking forward to:  Still looking forward to his arrival!  Although, I'm hoping it won't be until Sunday night so that some very important people are back in town.    
What I miss: Sleeping in bed with my husband.  Although, most mornings after I eat breakfast I'll go into the room and snuggle with him until he has to get up for work.
Next appt: February  19th (unless he arrives before then)
Update from last appt:  I am 3cm dilated and 50% effaced.  The good news is, I made it to this point without really feeling anything.  This does not mean the rest of labor will progress in such a fashion, but I'll take every cm I can get! My belly has not grown since week 37, so if Baby A does not arrive before my next appointment, I'll be doing an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay (primarily checking my amniotic fluid levels).  He is still head down and according to Dr. B has dropped into my pelvic cavity!
**TMI warning** (I recommend those who are pregnant or one day plan to be pregnant read on):  After my appointment I went to the bathroom and noticed some blood, so I went back upstairs to the office to make sure this was okay.  It was such a small amount I assumed it was due to the exam, but figured I should make sure.  Sure enough the receptionist told me a little spotting is normal after an exam.  So I went home and went to the bathroom again.  This time there seemed to be a bit more blood and it was thicker.  It looked very much like the "bloody show" you will read about that is a sign of pending labor.  So I got a little nervous/excited and called the Dr.'s office.  However, I was again told this was likely due to the exam and unless I started having contractions or if the amount got heavier/continued for more than 24 hours I was in the clear.  So, just in case your doctor also forgets to tell you not to freak out if you start bleeding after checking you for dilation (especially after 37 weeks when things are pretty sensitive down there), now you know  :)   
Workout/Fitness: Like I mentioned last week, I decided not to go to the gym this week.  Still I kept myself fairly active with walks and chores.  I also made about 30 bags of purees on Tuesday night.  A few years ago Nina gave me a cookbook called "Double Delicious" which uses a number of veggie purees and healthy substitutions to make family cooking easier/nutritious.  After doing a little complaining to Jason following our last grocery trip which consisted of an embarrassingly large number of Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine meals he supported and encouraged me to try out this cookbook as an inspiration for my next shopping trip.  Well, even though he told me to start slow, I dove right in and ended up buying a lot of vegetables to puree.  Like I said...I think I made about 30 bags of purees to freeze; including broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, sweet potato, butternut squash, and carrots.  
I also made us a chicken enchilada recipe from the cookbook for dinner that night.  They were delicious! Seriously, one of my favorite things I've cooked.  To top it off, the least healthy part of the enchilada was probably the 1 cup (spread over 6 enchiladas) of 2% skim cheese.  It also worked great as a leftover.  I'm really excited to continue using this book in the future!  I figure I can make purees every other week (or as needed) and use them for Jason and my meals as well as baby food as we start introducing solids to Baby A.  And then later on it will work great as a way to hide veggies into yummy meals.  
Anyways, how does this relate to fitness?  Well 1) fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.  And 2) While purees aren't extremely difficult to make, due to the quantity and the fact that I set out on this endeavor directly following my trip to the grocery store and immediately followed it up with making dinner, I didn't actually sit until Jason got home from work that day.
That's all for now!
If we're lucky the next update will have a picture of our beautiful baby boy!!!

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