Monday, October 1, 2012

Prego Journal: HALF WAY THERE!!

How far along: 20 Weeks
How big is baby:  Small cantaloupe. Gender can be determined by an ultrasound!! Although we won't get ours for a couple more weeks. 
Total weight gain: I honestly have no idea.  We moved this weekend, so I didn't have my scale to take my weekly weight.  
Maternity clothes: This week I tried to incorporate my old non pregnancy clothes and my maternity clothes a little more.  I'm temporarily using an old black tube top as a belly works okay...but at least I'm able to wear some of my pre pregnancy jeans.
Sleep: About the same throughout the week.  And then on Saturday my mom came over and surprised me with a boppy pillow!!  I was ecstatic.  On top of this, we moved into our house and got to sleep in our new bed, with the new mattress and without Boots!  Falling asleep was gloriously easy.  However, I did wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and when I lay back down my mind was racing for some reason and I had trouble falling back asleep.        
Best moment(s) of the week: 
So many!
1) Jason's mom came into town on Friday and we went to the fair!  It was opening day and a little cloudy outside and we were able to get onto the ferris wheel in less than 10 minutes.  This is unheard of! I also got to eat a peanut butter jelly and banana fried sandwich.  YUM! 
2) We moved on Saturday!!  I need to give a gigantic thank you to Jason, his mom, my mom, my sister and bro in law, and my dear friend Stephanie!  They seriously worked themselves to the bone on Saturday packing, unpacking, and lots and lots of painting!  I'm so in love with our house! 
3) We went to All Saints for Mass on Sunday! They have the most incredible choir and we were lucky enough to be there on a day they also had their orchestra playing!  So beautiful!  I love traditional music at Mass.  I may have teared up more than once. 
4) My loving and thoughtful husband surprised me with tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil! The show was breathtaking and beautiful.  I also teared up here during the first big act as I was just overcome with gratitude for all the blessings I've been given.  
5) We've made it to the half way mark!  WOW!  It's going  by so fast I don't even know what to think!
Food cravings: Still just eating like a giant man. I can put down some pizza :) 
Food aversions: sweets...though my fried sandwich was still delicious 
Symptoms: General tiredness; hunger; some mild occasional cramping; here's a funny (or gross) one: I burp a lot now...I've no control over this.  Please excuse my un-lady-likeness 
Movement: Lots more kicking this week.  I think Jason may have even felt a little pop on Monday!  This was also one of the best moments of the week, knowing my husband got to feel his baby for the first time. 
Gender: It's a...Oct 10th!!! 
What I’m looking forward to:   We're going to Houston this weekend!  I haven't been there in so long.  There are lots of people who haven't seen me since we found out we're pregnant.  I'm sure they'll be pretty shocked to see the belly I've grown.    
What I miss: not being hungry all the time 
Next appt: Oct. 10th!

Workout/Fitness: Well, not a lot of formal working out, but I did climb lots of stairs and carry lots of boxes during the moving process.

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  1. I want to feel Iggy!!!! That baby needs to know their favorite aunt. ;)