Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prego Journal: Week 23

How far along: 23 Weeks
How big is baby:  Grapefruit. Weighs 1 full pound. Taste buds have formed 
Total weight gain: +10 lbs
Maternity clothes:  No change, just ever grateful for Nancy and her passing down her clothes.  I read in a book that the average woman spends over $1000 on maternity wear.  Thus far I have spent $0. 
Sleep: It's been okay, but I'm still not sure I get enough of it.  I have to get up a few times in the night to use the restroom.          
Best moment(s) of the week: 
We went to my brother's to watch the Aggie game this week (the game was not my favorite part) and my brother and sister both got to feel Aidan move for the first time!  This was pretty awesome.  However, Aidan is still being resistant to kicking whenever Mimi tries to feel him, but it will happen!
Also, my confirmation saint is now officially a saint!!  St Kateri Tekakwitha was canonized on Sunday!   
And finally seeing our precious neice on Saturday.  She is such a little joy and makes me so excited to have a child of my own. 
 Food cravings: Still no bizzare or "must have right now" cravings.  I have been enjoying bananas and scrambled eggs this week (not together).  
Food aversions: just sweets
Symptoms: lots of forgetfulness/brain farts.  I've become even more insistent about following all rules and  doing things my way.  I'm sure Jason loves this. I'm hungry a lot, so I'm trying to eat small meals/snacks throughout the day in order to spread out my calorie intake; I know whether I eat a big meal or a small meal I'll want to eat again in about 2 hours.  Sooooo emotional
Movement:Lots of movement again this week.  Aidan found my bladder during Mass and decided it's a lot of fun to kick there and make mommy need to use the bathroom. 
Gender: I think I'll take this one out, because I'm pretty confident his gender won't be changing.  However, here's a picture of the adorable outfits sister and bro in law bought Aidan the same day we found out he was a boy! Also I got lots of boy clothes/blankets, etc. from Nancy this weekend. 
What I’m looking forward to:  The weekend  :)      
What I miss: still missing sushi and feta cheese  
Next appt: Nov 6th
Workout/Fitness: I've been good about going on long walks and a few jogs.  Doing some weights as well.

And now a love letter I wrote to Aidan on Tuesday morning:
To our precious Aidan Michael,

We are 4 months away from your expected arrival and I simply can't wait to hold you in my arms. But for now I am filled with joy to have the opportunity to hold you lovingly within me, beneath my heart, for a bit longer. There have been days, even weeks, of struggles as I carried you. Still, each feeling of sickness or stretch of tiredness cannot compare to the overwhelming blessing it is to bond with you in such a special way. 
You, my son, have been given to daddy and I by a loving and generous God. He is knitting you together in my womb into His ever perfect and beautiful creation.  Never forget this; you are wonderfully made! 
Each time I feel your sweet movements I can't help but smile how you are already developing your own personality. Your kicks and turns often take me by surprise, and even make me giggle, because you see, your mommy is very ticklish. Your distaste for all things sweet must come from your daddy's side because mommy usually loves chocolate and ice cream. Luckily for all of us, it seems you have taken a liking to spicy food. 
Some days I dream about how you will look; will your nose be as cute as daddy's, will you have my blue eyes? You are the purest sign of our love for one another, intricately woven into your being.  
I can't wait to watch you grow. I pray that you dream big and never doubt your ability to achieve anything. I pray you are filled with patience for your daddy and I. We will not always (if ever) be your idea of the perfect parents. There may be times my eyes fill with tears as you take your first steps, cross the kindergarten graduation stage, or leave our house to begin your own adventures and you will think how silly your mommy is. But know it is only because my heart overflows with so much joy in everything you do. Other times daddy may say something that will downright embarrass you. Know he is only building your character and sense of humor because he loves to hear your laugh. And of course there will be times we argue over rules set in our home. But I assure you we make these rules because it is likely we have made the mistakes in our own pasts and want to protect you from harm.  We are always willing to listen to what you have to say, because like I said earlier, we aren't perfect. 
Most importantly I pray you know that daddy and I will never stop loving you with our whole selves, for our love for you flows through the unconditional and never ceasing love of our Father in heaven. No matter where you go in life and what you do, we love you and will always be there for you. 
Little Aidan, I cannot wait to do crafts and play games with you, to watch daddy teach you about science and computers, and to be there as you grow into a wonderful young man. But for now, rest peacefully within me and know we love you. 

To the moon and stars and back,
Mommy and Daddy 


  1. I love you so much dear. Just as you make me the luckiest guy, you will make Aidan the luckiest kid. You have the biggest heart, and I'm so excited for everything to come!

    1. I <3 you! And am so excited to share in everything with you!

  2. OMG This made me cry!! How special!! I hope you will give this to Aidan one day!!

  3. We all know I bawled reading this.

    Aidan - I felt you move this week and was so excited! I cannot wait to hold you. Keep growing strong in mommy's tummy sweet boy. I love you!

  4. What a sweet letter to your little man! I'm so excited to watch your little family grow!

  5. New to your blog, and I just loved this post!! What a great idea, so beautiful! =)

  6. Becca, Jason:
    I want you both to know how proud I am of you both. You are such inspirations in your faith and I know my grandson will grow up know how important God, Family, and Love is all about.
    Love you all 3,
    Dad (PawPaw Fry)

    1. Thank you PawPaw Fry! We love you so much and can't wait to share in all the upcoming milestones with y'all!