Saturday, September 15, 2012

Prego Journal: Week 18

How far along: 18 Weeks

Kisses for baby
Sending some love to the husband
How big is baby:  Sweet potato.  I'm going to start writing a little bit about what else is going on with baby according to my phone Apps in this section:  This week Iggy started to yawn (ummm precious). Iggy is increasing in activity with lots of twisting, rolling, and kicking and big enough for me to start feeling them. The nervous system is continuing to develop and myelin is starting to cover the nerves. 
Total weight gain: +1 since last week so a total of +5 since learning we are pregnant
Maternity clothes: I would just like to note that I appreciate how they size maternity clothes.  Basically, maternity sizes allow you to think that you aren't actually growing. That's right, according to my maternity pants, I'm still fitting into the same size as I was before pregnancy...even though my old jeans would tell you differently.  
Sleep: Okay so you know how I told you it had improved last week?  Well I failed to remember one critical component.  Boots, our dog, wasn't with us last week.  He was still at my mom's who had kept him while we were away at the wedding.  Apparently this played a big role in my sleeping well.  Boots has this horrible (but sometimes adorable) need to sleep right in the middle of Jason and I; negating the whole "switching sides so I can cuddle with my husband" thing.  It's okay because once we move and start using our new bed set, he is no longer allowed on the bed.  Hurray!      
Best moment(s) of the week: 
Our wedding album has finally been completed for proofing (which I assume means we will be getting a hard copy soon as well)!!!   Here's a link to the proofs.  It was so much fun going through this with Jason and thinking about that day. Later that night we lie in bed talking about the course of our relationship.  I cried a little reminiscing about how hard it was to say goodbye for all those years, how amazing Jason was at comforting me as he could hear my heart breaking over the phone missing him, the joy that surrounded the day he found a job in Dallas and we just swayed back and forth in my living room dancing to the music in our hearts, the intensified feelings of joy we experienced at our wedding and holding each other in that same way swaying on the dance floor, and the joy we feel in anticipation of holding our Iggy and swaying as our baby lies in our arms.   
Food cravings: Kroger's cranberry almond trail mix. yum. 
Food aversions: sweets

Symptoms: Tummy grumblies (baby movements?!), the hunger of three grown men, a growing belly, sometimes feeling a little nausea BUT this is the first week in a very long time where I did not throw up once; victory!!   
Movement: Gosh I wish someone would just tell me if what I'm feeling is Iggy!  Geeeze I wish I didn't already have stomach bubbles on a regular basis. But I do think I felt Iggy at least once for sure while lying down waiting to fall asleep.  I felt a little pop in my lower abdomen a few times, like a little kick perhaps.  
Gender: still impatiently waiting 
What I’m looking forward to:   well I would say starting to move into our new home at the end of the week...but the past residents have again requested an extension on their lease so it may not start happening until the 28th.  It's so hard to wait!  But we're trying to be nice and understanding with them.  
What I miss: shopping.  not that I went shopping every weekend or anything before, but now even looking on pinterest all I can think is "oh that's cute I want to pin it...oh but I'm pregnant so I can't wear that for awhile and it will prob be out of fashion by then..."
Next appt: Well, my doctor's appoint was again pushed back.  So I'll have an appointment (fingers crossed) on September 18th 
Workout/Fitness: Well, I was still pretty bad most of the week with this.  I did an occasional quick series of leg lifts or something, but nothing serious.  Then Friday morning I woke up and the weather was Amazing, so I decided to attempt a little jog.  In total I jogged about 1.5 miles, walked about .5 miles, and climbed up and down the stairs of our apartment building for about 10 minutes.  It felt great while doing it, but man I have not used those jogging muscles in a very long time so they are quite sore now.