Thursday, March 8, 2012

Love story Part II: AIM Chatting and Kevin Fowler

The week after I met Jason I went on enjoying Freshman year of college...studying, dancing, all nighters.  We friended each other on facebook and I immediately went to work on seeing what I could find out about this guy. He was listed as in a relationship...but with Paul, so I wasn't all that concerned about his availability.  Paul actually first got in contact with me on AIM.  We would talk every now and then and at some point I'm pretty sure I made a deal with him that if he would agree that A&M was cool I would go to dinner with him.  Apparently he relayed this to Jason and what do you know, Jason started talking to me on AIM soon after.  
*side note* Paul, I still owe you that dinner.  
It didn't take long before Jason and my chats with one another lasted for hours and hours into the night.  I'm fairly confident that this was about the time my Freshman roommate really started to dislike me.  I guess it may have something to do with the click clacking of keys late into the night and early morning.  We talked about anything and everything: politics, family, friends, faith, school, relationships.  It was the first in a long time I felt comfortable sharing the more personal aspects of my life with a guy...or anyone really.  The base of our relationship was almost entirely built on conversation and getting to know one another.  After about two weeks of chatting he told me he was planning another trip to College Station.  I was so excited. 
Once again Jason made the drive East to College Station to visit Jake on a football weekend.  I wanted so bad to go see him at some point while he was in town.  But, I also hadn't really told any of my close girl friends about our budding AIM relationship.  To be honest, I felt a little silly.  Jake and Jason both text me that night asking if I wanted to come out, but me and my friends were deep in a game of Nertz and had no interest in interrupting this.
*side note* if you have never played nertz immediately stop reading this and go play a round.  It's awesome! 
For some reason, I still cannot recall, we decided not to meet up with Jake that night.  No, instead we took a random road trip to Giddings, TX.  Yes, Giddings.  Jake and many of our dancing buddies were from around there so I suppose we decided we wanted to get to know their hometowns in the middle of the night.  
Totally worth the trip.  Also, we picked up a construction cone on the way home, got way lost, and dropped off the cone at Marmor's house.  It was later turned into a Christmas tree.  Prefect. 
Alas, Jason and I did not meet up that night.  I played hard to get.  I wasn't interested in him...I didn't care...but oh I was and I did!  We resumed chatting on AIM for another week or two when he mentioned he was coming into town again for the Kevin Fowler concert.  I knew this was my chance!  There was no way my friends would pass up a good Texas Country concert at the Hall.  Sure enough we did go to that concert. You might think that Jason and I immediately met up as soon as I arrived at the concert.  But no, instead we spent the whole darn thing texting one another, staying in our own safe group of friends; tossing in hints about where we could find each other.  Finally I decided to go look for him.  Instead of Jason I ran into Jake.  Which I was okay with, Jake is an excellent dancer so we danced to a couple of Kevin Fowler songs.  At some point Jake told me his cousin was in town and told me I should meet him...hmmm yes, yes I should. 
After way too much time had passed I finally found Jason and tapped him on the shoulder.  I felt all happy and nervous to say hi to him again.  It was weird, he knew so much about me, but I still felt like this was only the second time we had met, because it was.  
I asked him to dance, he said he didn't know how, I pulled him to the side of the dance hall off the dance floor and started to teach.  We stayed here until long past Kevin Fowler had finished and up until the Aggie War Hymn.  I then tricked him into doing the War Hymn with me.  That's right, he sawed em off with the rest of us Aggies.  Following the War Hymn at the Hall they always play The Road Goes on Forever.  Jason was all "let's dance to this one"  I was all "ehhh you don't understand this is the longest song ever and goes really fast at some parts"  he was all "that's cool I got this"  I was all "ok sweet!"  So we danced our very first dance together.  It was perfect. I remember getting a few comments after returning to our group about having disappeared for a long time, little did anyone know I was teaching my future husband to dance. 

After Kevin Fowler we all headed back to Jake's house and did what we do best...played Guesstures!  The girls rocked it again.  This time we managed to get "Porpoise" by doing the "awkward turtle" sign.  Yes, girls are basically impressive.  At the end of the night we were saying our goodbyes and hugging everyone.  I very distinctly remember giving Jason an extra long hug and having the very best feeling.  I was literally walking on the clouds.  We piled into Ellie's car and soon enough I got a text from Jason saying "It was really great to see you again.  I had a lot of fun."  I must have blushed or giggled like a little girl because I was then questioned by my car-mates on what that was all about.  So I spilled it.  Jason and I were in an odd and undefined internet relationship.  I think they were part surprised, part excited for me, and part "ummm why is this the first time I'm hearing about this?"  It felt nice to now have people to talk to about all this, and to admit it out loud that I really liked him.  
Screen shot of facebook message I sent to Ellie after one of my wonderful AIM conversations with Jason.  Yes, Ellie he did end up whisking me away into the sunset.  
So our AIM conversations continued.  He called me on my birthday and we had the most awkward conversation ever during which he never mentioned it was my birthday.  About 5 seconds after I hung up he text me saying "By the way Happy Birthday."  It was quite humorous.  Later he told me he was just really nervous about telling me happy birthday on the phone because it was so "relationshipy" and he didn't know if we were there yet.  We had a foundation, I had the approval of my friends, and we had no idea where this was all going to lead or how the logistics would ever work out.  But that didn't matter.  We would find a way.   
Next time come back to hear how Jason agreed to come stay with my parents for a weekend even though we had only officially met two times.  And how we became facebook official.  

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The Vrly Fries 

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