Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's a Love Story, 5 years later baby I said yes

I thought it would be fun to give a brief account of how Jason and I met.  You might be able to find this story elsewhere, or have heard it a time or two before, but it's time it get published on el blog.  
November 4th 2006 was Maroon Out day at A&M and we had just finished playing Oklahoma.  This I point out only because it is the reason I know to the day when I first met Jason.
Earlier that day I spent a couple of hours calling the residents of College Station asking them to vote for Van Taylor...aka "Saving America"
 My friends and I spent about half an hour running around a parking garage looking for Ellie's car.  This was a regular occurrence Freshman year.  We would hit the alarm button on her hey chain in hopes that we would be led straight to the ol Explorer.  Unfortunately, parking garages are cube shaped and made out of concrete...aka an echo box. "It's coming from above below us...wait I think it's on this floor." 
So we eventually find it and make our way towards Boston's Pizza and Grill to fill up our bellies after all that intense yelling and standing.  Yes, Aggies even stand intensely.  About this time I received a text message from my good buddy Jake.  We originally met because we had the same mentor in our biochemistry program.  Yes, Jake and I both started out as biochem majors. That didn't last long for either of us.  Eventually my friends and I started hanging out with his friends every Thursday and hitting up the Hall for some country western dancing.  
His text said (something to the effect), "Hey you wanna come over to Marmor's house?  My cousin and his friend are in town and we need some people to come over."  Well, first priority is my hungry tummy so I tell him I'll see if the girls want to go over after we eat.
We finish eating and it's fairly late...maybe about 10:00pm, but c'mon it's Freshman year of college so really it's not late.  I text Jake telling him we're on our way, but he responds saying he already left because he has to go to Bonfire build at 5am the next morning.  He also encourages me to go ahead and go over because other people are still there. 
I relay this to the girls (Ellie, Sarah, and Priscilla) and we are a little weary of this idea but decided to check it out.  As we pull up to the house we see two guys we've never met before sitting outside playing guitars.  Interest sparked.  We like guys, also we like guitars.  Yes, I think we should stay. 
This is actually what I looked like that night...not sure where the attraction came from on his part :) 
We introduce ourselves and find out that this is Jake's cousin Jason and his friend Paul.  Jason goes to UT, obviously an immediate turn off.  But...he plays guitar, and I managed to convince him to sing for me, so perhaps there's still some potential.  Okay so here was my first move.  "hmmm I want to learn how to play, longhorn guy, teach me."  
Aww the first time our hands touched
   Jason claims this doesn't count, but it obviously worked so go me! The whole group ended up going to Jake's house that night and played Guesstures until about the time Jake got up to leave for bonfire.  The guys were blown away by our ability to get "lame duck" just by making a small facial expression.  **side note: Ellie, in all her awesomeness bought us Guesstures as one of our shower gifts so we could forever and always remember the night we met** And then I realized that I had to meet my parents for church in approximately 4 hours so I had better leave.  We said our goodbyes and I figured it was a fun night but I probably wouldn't ever see him again.  Just a facebook photo with some forgotten crush.  Little did I know that facebook and instant messenger would help usher in a new chapter in my life. 

So there you have it.  The night Jason and I met.  Definitely one I'll never forget.  Later I'll tell the story about our "secret" IM conversations, his next visit to College Station, and finally his visit to Dallas where we became (pretty much) official.   

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  1. i love this. i love you. i love you and jason. i love love. ya'll are AMAZING!!