Monday, December 28, 2015

Vrlyfry-day December

Day 321 11/19
Panini and Zilla were watching me cook.  Zilla was being extra helpful by reading to Panini

Day 321 11/20
We made our way back to Papa Joe's farm.  Zilla is drumming on Papa's head here

 Day 322 11/21
 Here's Zilla during nap time.  He was pretending his bed was a truck

Day 324 11/23
We got some of the pics back from our photo shoot on Panini's 1 month.  These are two of my faves.  He was so small!!

Day 325 11/24
 We had a Girl's Night poyluck for Thanksgiving.  Zilla really enjoyed playing with the bigger kids and they are a good influence on him

Day 327 11/26
 Panini's first Thanksgiving!

Day 328 11/27
We got to see Hubskie's brothers and sisters and spend time with this cutie

Panini had his first bottle!  He took to it pretty well after some initial confusion.

Day 329 11/28
Panini but his thumb in his mouth and started to suck.  I thought it was going to become a thing, but it did not.

Day 330 11/29
Zilla got a little car and he loves it!  He is also terrible at steering it. 

Day 332 12/1 
Collar poppin

Day 333 12/2
Zilla was wanting up while I was cooking so I convinced him to get in the ergo.  He's pretty much outgrown it, but it worked in a pinch. 

Day 334 12/3
 Mastering tummy time
Day 335 12/4
ECI had a smaller Christmas party this year but we still got to meet Santa.  Zilla was happy to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. 

Day 336 12/5
Park time with Roodle!

 Day 337 12/6
Tree farm with the fam!! 

Day 338 12/7
teehee my little lion! 

Day 339 12/8
This kid is just so smiley!

Day 340 12/9
We got our sweet little tree up!  Zilla has been so excited about everything Christmas this year 

Day 341: 12/10

For my birthday, my mom and the boys went to see the Trains at NorthPark.  Zilla was so excited and ran around shouting MORE TRAINS! Birthdays are different these days, but nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids happy.

For some reason my computer is acting up and won't let me embed more than one video... but here is the link: 
He was a big fan of the live jazz music at the mall

Day 342 12/11
Zilla went to the zoo with Grandpa and got to be a real life Spider Man!

Day 343 12/12
Another link
On the way to the zoo, they had traffic due to an accident involving furniture.  It became Zilla's new favorite story

Day 344 12/13
We had Christmas #1 of 7

Day 345 12/14
Zilla was gifted a balance bike from Grandpa. He's still getting the hang of it

Day 346: 12/15
We've been getting Blue Apron deliveries, which makes me feel like a gourmet chef!

Day 347 12/16
DADA's HOME! School's out for Winter!

Day 348 12/17
We went to Richardson's Santa's Village. It was super crowded, but lots of fun.  Zilla loved seeing a real life Frosty!

Day 349 12/18
These two are just adorable together.  I can't wait for years of brother pictures.

Day 350 12/19

Day 351 12/20
We went to hangout with Great Grandpa.  This picture is so sweet! 

Day 352 12/21
I just like this picture because Zilla is using his left hand to pick up rocks.

Day 353 12/22
One of the houses in our neighborhood does not mess around when it comes to blow up decorations.  Zilla and I took lots of trips this week to play in their yard. 

Day 354 12/23
Once again, having a very productive nap time.  But it was cute that he was reading. 

We also took a trip to the doctor for Panini's 2 month check up!  Dr. Mobley say Zilla was playing with these and he helped him make a "Doctor necklace"  Zilla was ecstatic! 

Day 355 12/24
Christmas Eve Mass!  It was mostly chaotic due to being in the overflow Mass in the gym.  So hot, crowded, and too much stimulation for the kids to even try to behave well.  Oh well, we got a nice picture afterwards. 

When we got home, we baked cookies for Santa! During Advent (and we'll extend through the Christmas season) we had an Angel leave a piece of candy and a paper Christmas light with a Bible verse on it in a little ornament.  We then strung the lights next to the tree.  Zilla loved opening this each day.

Day 356 12/25
Merry Christmas morning!  Here's our Christmas #2 with just our immediate family.  Zilla got his football helmet.  He had also asked for a snowman, but the one we bought off ebay still hasn't arrived.  Luckily a couple of days before Christmas Zilla said he didn't want a snow man anymore.  Though I don't know what we'll do with it once it gets here.

Christmas smiles from Panini!  We also spent the afternoon with our cousins and Mimi for Christmas #3

Day 357 12/26
Boxing Day was spent at my Aunt and Uncle's for some more extended family time and Christmas #4!  These kids are so cute.  Panini is very popular.

Day 358 12/27
This is my favorite Christmas tradition: Singing carols with the family for Christmas #5.  Zilla was very impressed with Uncle Jon's guitar skills. 

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  1. I love the pictures of Zilla with Papa Joe! Definitely something you'll always treasure.

    I see the monitor is coming in handy. :-)

    Looove the newborn pics!!

    Panini is doing so well with tummy time! Way to go little man!

    Hehe, the little lion. :-)

    Trains looks fun and Zilla's dancing is the best.

    Can't wait for my Blue Apron free trial!

    Granpa and

    Way to go on using your left hand, Zilla!

    When I saw the "Doctor necklace" I definitely thought it was a pretend rosary.