Saturday, November 21, 2015


Day 311: 11/9
Little Roodle was excited to get to hold baby Panini

 Day 313: 11/11
At swim class the kiddos found a new activity to keep them busy before their class started.  I thought their sweet little tooshies were too cute not to snap a pic

 Day 314: 11/12
When we were getting ready for school in the morning, Zilla ran back to his room and brought Panini his Elmo to keep him company on the ride.  This was just too sweet because Elmo is one of Zilla's favorite dolls

Day 315: 11/13
I went to a "babywearing" meeting to help me learn how to wrap Panini safely.  I was amazed by all of the classes offered so close to my neighborhood.  I was especially glad to see a postpartum support group.

 Day 316: 11/14
We went to Zilla first bday party for his friend, Preston.  It was at an awesome bouncy house place.  Zilla had a blast with all of his school friends!

 Day 317: 11/15
Zilla and I are usually awake before the rest of the bunch on the weekends.  This means we get a little extra snuggle time together.

Panini, mastering the tummy time!

Zilla is wearing high heels here.  He calls them his "work shoes" because that's what I call my heels.  I find that rather humorous

 Day 318: 11/16
Panini smiles melt my heart. I wish I could hold onto these snuggles forever.  I can't believe how fast maternity leave is going.  This kid makes me want to stay home even more than I had wanted before his arrival.

Day 319: 11/17
This poor little guy has battled some congestion on weeks 2 and 3 of his life.  Big bro is not shy with sharing the germs from daycare.  It has kept me up at night just worrying about his ability to breathe.  But his demeanor is still awesome.

Such a handsome fella.  We are starting to have more awake time, which is fun for me.  He usualy wakes up around 7 for a feed and then he will stay awake with maybe a catnap until his next feeding.  After his 11/12:00 feeding is when he takes his longest  2-3 hour nap and this is when mommy gets chores done.  After that it's on and off with short naps and feedings.  If I put him into a wrap it is a guaranteed nap, even if he is wide awake before going in.  It's like magic.

 Day 320: 11/18
Zilla and mommy had a breakfast date at Starbucks before school.  He loves him some muffins! 

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  1. The picture of Roodle and Panini really tugs at my heart strings.

    Awww, love that Zilla shared his Elmo! What a sweet brother. :-)

    Panini is doing great at tummy time! Way to go buddy!!

    Praying that his breathing continues to get better. Love you!