Monday, June 20, 2011

With Love from DC

A couple weeks after Jason proposed, my mom called me and said a giant box had come in the mail for Jason and I.  I was very curious.  I asked my mom where it was from and she said some address in DC.  I was immediately sure that this was a product of Rebecca Sams and John Passmore.  And I was very excited to open the box. These two have an uncanny ability to send awesome and unexpected gifts.

*Example* I had received a mystery book from Amazon in the mail around the time of my birthday and came to find out it was from Rebecca and John.  I just love them.

Ok so Jason and I finally get possession of the box!  I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely never expected to find so many little treasures.  I had taken pictures of everything after we opened it but I didn't want to just post them of Facebook because it was too much fun for that.  Also I was in the throws of a crazy busy semester. Now that I have a blog I think it's the perfect medium to display how great of friends Rebecca and John are; even from states away!  The following series of pictures make up the most creative engagement gift I've ever seen...also our very first engagement/wedding gift  :o)

This was on the top of the package explaining its contents:  "Y'all are some of our first friends to become engaged. The contents of your engagement box, though selected with love may not be the most traditional method of congratulations. But we sure do love y'all!  John and Rebecca"

"We got pretty darn excited by the idea that y'all could grow your own tomato plants! And these grow upside down!"  Jason plans on using these to make his famous salsa...I'm still waiting for this to happen. (Granted he can't make his salsa without his comal which is in Houston)

"People should NEVER have to bend down to wash their feet. We firmly believe this"  This was the very first item opened.  I am now also a firm believer...except that you have to bend down and pick the thing off the ground after each use in order to rinse it off.  But my feet have never been cleaner. 

"Being from Obama-land, we thought y'all should become better people."  

"If y'all want to move to Virginia and hang out with us that's cool...No pressure..."  We might need the cheap apartment edition :)

My favorite:  "These claim to add some "glamour to your life." They also serve to block out the hectic wedding planning world while relaxing to the musical stylings of  Kenny G., Bach, or Justin Bieber. See attached demonstration." 

On Left: "Becca's journal for deep and meaningful thoughts." On Right: "Jason's journal for his Justin Bieber inspired philosophies of life."  Mine's still empty, but Jason's is surprisingly full.

On left: "For our hands down favorite T-Sip. We love you just how you are. And Becca's psychology degree can help you recover from the trauma of 4 years in Austin."  On Right: "Hop on the "Eco Highway""  These will be useful for my running escapades.

On Left: "For all your t-sip dusting needs. (Also the official hand gear of the National Snake Dodgeball Association)."  On Right: "For all your domestic dusting needs (Also the official hand gear of the National Snake Dodgeball Association)"   How did she know my desire to become domesticated?  Also, my lesser known desire to become snake dodgeball champ of the world.

On Left: "A true test of any relationship is the handling of new pets. We think y'all are up to the challenge."  On right: "It is pretty, fun, and utilitarian. Plus it makes us smile. Bounce on floor for full effect."

Top: "Where post-its, rainbows, and tornadoes meet."  Left: "For happy writing endeavors: bright, cute, ball point pens  :-)"  Right: "Because it should always be kinda like Christmas for y'all."  Enough post its to put notes in Jason's lunch for life.

Left: "For when you need to turn on more than your heart light. *John Passmore assures me it is a reference to a Neil Diamond Song"  Right: "It's all MacGyver needed. So we got y'all 55 yards to get you started."

Top: "For all your large-print labeling needs (ie cars, homes, etc)."  Bottom: "For when you just can't make it to Wal-Mart (or they forget to offer you a happy sticker). Also, for when you just wanna smile"   It makes me all giddy to get a gift with Fry on it...that's gonna be my last name :)

On left: "Look they're made out of bevo's second cousin!"  On Right: "For all your 'tasty, manly pursuits' (Rebecca Sams inspired)."

Top: "Cause who doesn't need a Tic-Tac? (White for the bride, Orange for the t-sip. Sharing is permitted)"  Bottom: "We suggest saturday morning pig-eggs, with turkey bacon, and a bowl of cereal. Afterwards you may need a nap."

Top: "To be placed in a convenient location and utilized often. After each push, say a prayer for maximum effectiveness." Bottom: "This box is to serve as a secure holding device for any new, shiny, important jewelry. (I think it's fire resistant)"

"John and Rebecca's Labeling Outtakes"

And there you have it!  I hope this made you smile as much as it made us smile when we first opened it and every time we think about it.  We love you John and Rebecca and can't wait until the next time we get to see you!! 

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