Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marriathan Training

"Marriathon" is my attempt to combine marriage and marathon. And today was quite the marriathon training day! 

This morning Jason and I went to St. Ann to meet with Deacon Pete and discuss our FOCCUS Assessment results.  I have to admit we were a bit nervous.  We took the test about two months ago, and honestly, on very little sleep. Jason had been called into work the night before and I decided to go in with him thinking it would be a real quick procedure....well, this real quick procedure turned into a 6 hour stay at the lab. We didn't get home until around 6 or 7 am...when we left the lab people were walking in for work.  Our meeting with the Deacon that day was at 9am.  Pretty much I showered, took a nap while my hair dried, and then left to take our assessment. 

I have to say, I was pleased with our results.  There were areas that we knew we needed to talk about after taking the test, and we did talk about them, and those are mostly the areas the Deacon brought up in our meeting today.  On the "most important" questions we scored in the the 90% range on answering the way the test says you should answer.  And our communication abilities are excellent, in fact according to FOCCUS 100%.  I attribute that to Jason's history of debate and my counseling skillz.  We went over a few of the bigger questions and I think we got a lot out of it.  Our biggest area that needed more discussion was finances.  But this didn't surprise Jason and I because we had already begun talking about money after we took the test.  We did have a couple of "oops" that may have been due to our sleep deprivation, or the test's uncanny way of asking questions in the most confusing way possible. Jason completely skipped a question and I somehow managed to concern Deacon Pete that I thought Jason's parents didn't like my religion...which is not true.  

Here's the best part.  So after going over the test Deacon Pete started to talk to us about things which help keep a couple together (seeing as the divorce rate is 50% now). And the last thing he said was couples need to pray together more. People do a lot of private prayer or large group prayer, but when you enter into marriage you become one, thus praying as one is very important.  He talked about how doing this can feel a little awkward at first, and then, he compared it to training for a marathon (he must read my blog).  He said you start out small, with simple prayers such as before meals, saying the Hail Mary and Our Father together.  You gradually build on this as you work towards that marathon of an enriching joint prayer life.  I really appreciated this analogy, and I'm so excited to start enhancing our prayer life together.

After our meeting with Deacon Pete we headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to register!!!  I look forward to registering pretty much every time I go into Bed Bath and Beyond.  Here's the thing; no one ever tells you how long it takes to register.  There are a million options and you have to be sure whatever you picked out in the kitchen area will match what you're picking out in the bathroom area. Thank goodness we registered in Lewisville where the store is small and not the huge one in Dallas.  It took a grand total of 3 and a half hours!  Jason had definitely lost the pep in his step after we left the kitchen gadget area (pretty much the first area we went to)...I'd even say it was starting to waver before we were finished there.  I had a lot of fun.  It was cool to plan out what our future home might look like!  How we are ever going to fit all the kitchen gadgets we registered for into a tiny apartment kitchen, I don't know; but they're all so cool! Besides, I'm taking Deacon Pete's advice: we are preparing for our lives together fifty years from now.  And in fifty years I fully intend on having a big kitchen.  Maybe that's not the context Deacon meant this, but it still works.  

 Still my feet are super tired now...good thing we registered for a foot massage; and Jason is napping on the couch.   It's even more amazing because I know we're not finished.  Jason told me to make sure this was very clear. So don't get wedding shopping happy just yet because we still have tools and luggage and more to look at.  But, if you're curious, our registry is up and running on the Bed Bath and Beyond website!  

I'm glad we got to do all of this today.  This month has been wedding month on facebook...pretty much every weekend in June someone (usually someones) I know has gotten married.  They've all had such beautiful weddings and it's exciting to see them looking so joyful.  There's nothing that shines joy like a wedding does :)  Congratulations to everyone who has been married recently!   Anyways, it's been giving me a real wedding itch...I'm getting all giddy about ours; c'mon January!      

Update on my workout/training status:  Next week I plan on getting a personal trainer through the gym at UNT.  I'm going to give that a try over the next two months so I'm ready for when my dress comes in!   It's supposed to be here in September I think  :-D  Also for engagement pictures, which I think are happening in September or October!!  I had really wanted to go to CrossFit but o my goodness that place is expensive! It costs $179 a month for group classes...  Compare that to say 24 hour fitness where you get group classes and a full gym for $30 a month.  I know I know, CrossFit is better and etc etc...but can it possibly be that much better?  I dunno, but I probably won't ever find out because I don't have an extra $180 dollars laying around each month  :) 

And finally:  Everyone remember, tonight is the Gold Cup Finals!  Go USA!! 

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