Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Vrlyfry-day / Week 29 and 30 Panini update

Day 223: 8/11
Zilla decided he wanted to sit in his Mickey chair at the big table.  It was not very effective. 

Day 225: 8/13
On telework days Hubskie and I keep in regular contact over hangouts.  I'm sure he appreciated this creepy picture of me in the middle of the day. 

 Day 227: 8/15
Zilla wanted to drink his coffee and carry his suitcase to let me know he was ready to take on the day.  He kept saying "I'm going to work" 

Day 228 8/16
Zilla woke up earlier than usual so I convinced him to let me take him on a stroller jog.  The deal was, I get to jog and he could eat muffins and we would end our jog at the park. 

 Day 229: 08/17
When I look at this pic it reminds me what it's like to be a working mom.  Going to the park at 5 or 6 in the evening on an extremely hot day isn't terribly popular.  I imagine this place is a lot more hopping around 9 or 10 in the morning.  But, it's the time Zilla and I have, so I will gladly sweat through it.

Day 230: 08/18
We had an amazing Girls Night 9 course meal, courtesy of one of our members.  She sent us home with a muffin for breakfast and this wonderful note.  It's such a blessing to be part of this group of women. 

Day 231: 08/19 
 I tried out a new muffin recipe and Zilla LOVES them.  So much so that he expects to have them in the morning now.  Sometimes this means baking late into the evening, but I love that kid so much I don't mind doing it if it means seeing a smile in the morning when I tell him we have muffins.

 Day 232: 08/20
He let me take him on another stroller run (with the promise of going to the park).  We ended the jog with him running the last stretch too.  He looks so so  big here. 

I also got new phone that night.  WAHOOOOO!!  This is me testing out how the camera works in low lighting and with motion.  Sooooo yup. 

 Day 233: 08/21
We went to the neighbors to have dinner.  The kiddos had a great time having a picnic on the floor

 Day 234: 08/22
Garage sale time!  aka get rid of stuff so there is room for Baby Panini to get here!

 Day 237: 08/25
The neighbors came to our house to play tonight. Zilla really really wanted Roodle to play baseball with him but she wanted to do puzzles.  I envision this conversation happening in the future: "Cmon Roodle we can go play before we do our homework" 

Not much to update prego wise other than I am coughing coughing coughing all the time.  It has made sleep really difficult.  I finally gave in and got some Robitussin for the night time so I can try and get some sleep,

Zilla did feel Panini move for the first time and it was so adorable!  Zilla just started to giggle uncontrollably and kept pushing on my tummy to try and get him to do it again.  Now every night when I am singing to him before bed, he will left up my shirt and put his hands on my belly.  I think it is really sweet. 

Zilla thinks the only way to see, hug, or kiss Panini is if he lifts up my shirt.  This becomes rather problematic in public or when I am wearing a dress.  He was very insistent about seeing Panini one time at Mass and kept lifting up my dress.

We did maternity pictures with a family friend this weekend.  I took a cue from our swim class instructor and thought to use M&M's as incentives for Zilla to cooperate.  He almost never gets candy at home, so this was a pretty big treat for him.  I think it may have worked!!  I haven't seen the actual pictures, but we had a good time and I am so appreciative of Haley for capturing this time in our family's life!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vrly-fry Day

Day 207: 07/26
Zilla and mommy have made it a habit to go to the park on Sundays at noon.  You, know right when the sun is blazing hot and there is almost no shade.  At least the park is empty and no one is there to witness that I forgot to put my bra on...yeah that happened. 

Day 208: 07/27
 Lots of fun at GND!  We were celebrating one of our girls' baby on the way!  And of course decided it would be fun to use a TENS unit to simulate labor. 

Day 209: 07/28
Tuesdays this summer has meant hubskie is in school.  This week I invited our neighbors over to pass the time with in the evening. Roodle and Zilla are impressing us with their tumbling skills. 

Day 210: 07/29 
Look at this little cutie loving his swimming pool!

Day 211: 07/30
Zilla loves to be just like Dada.  And Dada loves to oblige him and let him wear his clothes.  Mama loves tot ake pictures of these precious father-son moments. 

Day 212: 07/31
We taught Zilla that firemen help people and take them to the hospital.  So he asked me to help him expand his firetruck so that he could take his dolls to the hospital too.  His imagination is so amazing!

 Day 213: 08/01
We got to celebrate our precious little niece's one year birthday!  

Zilla wasted no time in friending the nearest blonde.

Day 214: 08/02
We went to Red Lobster with Nina. The managers were kind enough to let Zilla touch and learn about Larry the Lobster.

Day 215: 08/03
Oh my heart.  I can't believe he is old enough to be wearing a uniform.  I just want to hit pause and enjoy this stage in his life for a little longer.  Tantrums and all.

 Day 216: 08/04
This Tuesday we spent some time doing dishes and enjoying the sweet products of summer.  Thank goodness for watermelon! 

And then I missed a bunch of days...

Day 220: 08/08
We went to the circus with the whole family.  The kiddos really enjoyed watching the lions and tigers.  Zilla got a little overstimulated and by the end we were mostly walking in and out of the show with a crying little boy.

Day 221: 08/09 
Oh hey Sunday afternoon tradition of baking in the sun!  Zilla and I were again the only people outside.  At least I was smart enough to bring the car this time rather than walking there and back.

Just before I woke him from his nap to go to Mass.  I'm just glad he only took off his pants and not his diaper.

 Day 222: 08/10
Zilla had a little bit of sickness on Monday.  I was more than happy to stay home with him.  I would do this everyday if it was possible.

Panini Update!
27 weeks pregnant with Zilla vs 27 weeks with Panini

Let's see let's see.  Monday the 3rd I had a minor scare in which I had decided that I wasn't feeling Panini as much as a I had been.  I went to the doctor and they hooked me up to some machine that was measuring...?...The real fun (not) part was when it took 10 minutes to find Panini's heartbeat.  Longest 10 minutes of my life.  But once it was found everything on the test looked great.

I got an ultrasound last Thursday but Panini was being very shy so I didn't get to really see him.  But all the measurements were on track, yea! 

I jogged this weekend and my ligament pain was much less than it has been, so that was a nice surprise.

Panini only likes to move at night.  I'll get random kicks/punches during the day.  But long stretches of movement only come once I am in bed.  This makes it very difficult for anyone other than myself to feel him.

New pregnancy symptoms!  I already mentioned the heartburn.  It has a happened a couple more times, but seems to be easily controlled with some tums.  The one that I loathe is the itching.  It's not just my belly, but my whole body itches; from my head to my toe.  It gets worse at  night, which makes sleeping interesting.  I brought it up to my doctor and he said not to worry about it.  But the Google bug hit and I have now diagnosed myself with a liver problem that is going to result in needing to be induced.  I mean, it could very well just be general itching, but I'm a worrier so if you'll just pray that this is not the case, I would appreciate it.  I will of course follow up with Dr. Behan about this next week. 

Speaking of which, we are down to doctor's visits every two weeks!! WHAAAAT?!  That means it is super close. And we have made all of 0 progress on the nursery. I'm feeling really great about this.  We did plan to have a garage sale this coming week but also have not done anything to prepare for this.  So in general, things are going great in the preparation department. 

That's all for now!
The Vrlyfries