Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 & 11 Months

How Old?
10 months

11 months

When he went for his 9 month check up he was 50th percentile for both

Baby Clothes
He is mostly in 12 month clothing now.  I squeeze him into some of my favorite 9 month outfits still

Panini has been hitting all kind of milestones the past two months
Fine motor - He can fairly accurately hammer objects.  We have a little ball and hammer toy he likes to play with.  I usually give him a little foam block rather than the wooden hammer the toy comes with because I figure he is less likely to smash a finger that way.  He is becoming more and more accurate with placing a ball or circle shape in small holes.  He can try to put other shapes into holes but is still learning the concept of "wiggle wiggle" to get it in there right. He has also started trying to stack objects and every once in awhile he is successful.  He thinks it is more fun to knock things over though.

Gross Motor - Panini is able to stand up independently and has even taken a clumsy step or two. If there isn't something for him to catch himself on, he will fall after attempting his steps.  He enjoys toys that he can push and walk behind. He is great at climbing up stairs as well as crawling up slides. Actually, he just generally LOVES climbing on everything.  Zilla was never much of a climber so this is an adjustment for us.

Communication:  He is understanding more commands and will sometimes respond to our requests, though he is a bit stubborn. He understands no no, dance, milk, our names, kiss, and clap.  He will sometimes use the sign for milk but usually he will just bite me when he is ready to eat.  When he is upset he will start to say Mmmm Mmmmm.  Which I like to think is him asking for momma, but I'm pretty sure it is him asking for milk.  He can wave hello but doesn't do it often.  He likes playing hide and seek games like peekaboo.  He can give the messiest kisses when we ask him for one.
He is also making sound associations.  His favorite is to make the vroom vroom noise for a car.

Cognition:  His problem solving skills seem to be developing well. I watched him figure out the safe way to go down a step all by himself.  I love watching his little brain tinkering away as he figures out the world.  He started to enjoy the "drop" game quite a bit, particularly if it means dropping his food so the dog gets to eat it and he doesn't have to.  I don't know where this falls in fine motor and cognition, but he is starting to play simple games with rules like "toss".  He will roll and do the cutest little attempt at throwing a ball back and forth with Zilla and I

Non developmental milestones
Panini now has 6 teeth!

Most excitingly, Panini is no longer the baby amongst the cousins.  We welcomed sweet Poppyseed this month!

Baby's Routine:
The daycare apprently still tries to stick to a routine.  At home, we stick to, hey Panini what do you want to do right now?  Oh you want to nurse 3 times in 5 hours, okay that's cool.  Usually, I have found on the weekends he does best with one really good nap around noon and maybe another catnap in the afternoon. Many of his catnaps take place in the car or a carrier, because that's the life of a second child.

 Nightime is getting better!  Some nights I still wake up 2-3 times with him, but usually he will only wake once around 5am or 6am and go back to bed after for a few more hours.

Favorite Food
Even if his favorite is still breastmilk.  This kid is finally willingly eating some solid foods!  The first thing he decided wasn't completely evil to eat was yogurt. He is most happy with eating bananas, apples, and peaches.  He has also eaten squash and sweet potatoes pretty well.  Since the last post we started feeding therapy because his pediatrician was concerned about his lack of interest in eating.  The therapist recommended we scratch the whole baby lead weaning thing with this kid and go back to purees.  We did this for a while and he is now eating mashed food as well as uncooked apples and peaches.  I am still having him feed himself rather than using a spoon, because he gets very angry if I come at him with a spoon.

Favorite Activity
Probably climbing or riding on his brother's fire truck or other riding toys

Favorite Toy:
Cars, for sure

Big changes:
Him eating!  I think this has contributed to his improved sleep habits. 

Zilla and Panini
These two are still the best of friends.  Though they have more "disagreements" these days.  Panini will even get a little fed up with some of Zilla's antics at times.  Usually when Panini is tired or hungry and Zilla is (in his words) "detracting" him.  But, other than a few little buttons being pushed, Zilla loves teaching Panini new things.  Whenever Panini does something new, Zilla will say "I taught him that" and he is always the first to point out a new milestone.  He likes to tell people that Panini can walk and talk.  He told me that Panini has said the words Zilla and duck.  He just love his brother so much.

And as always, more pictures, because I just can't stop taking them!