Monday, September 21, 2015

Vrlyfry-day! and 34 Week Panini Update

 Day 238: 8/26
We are doing swim class on Wednesday nights now.  I think Zilla looks ridiculously cute in his little speedo.

Day 239: 8/27
Park time!  I can't get over how proud I am when I watch Zilla climb up ladders.  He is getting so strong

And this kid has no fear.  He loves jumping off of things.  Maybe he'll be a skydiving fireman.  They have those right?

 Day 240: 8/28
Zilla and Roodle were working hard together to make sure all of the diapers got changed before bedtime.  Roodle is shockingly good at doing diaper changes.  I am going to invite her over a lot once Panini is born.

 Day 241: 8/29
We moved to a toddler bed today! 

And nap time #1 went great!! 

 Day 242: 8/30
Nap time #2 went less well.  I walked into this little disaster part way through his "nap".  We've got to get a camera in there now that he is in a big boy bed.

Day 243: 8/31
Silly man, being very productive during OT today.  

We did major house cleaning over the weekend and I found that hubskie has a new place to keep his hat.  I had a good laugh when I found it.

 Day 244: 9/1
My little man was helping wash momma's feet during bath time.

I cook my first steak ever!  and they turned out edible! 

Day 247: 9/4
Nina's in town!!  And this little kiddo could not possibly be happier.

Day 248: 9/5

His other bestie.  I love these two so much. 

Zilla is a very big fan of Ms. Courtney 

Kate was being so sweet with the littles.  Roodle was so tired at this point, but she was still chugging along trying to hang with the big kids.

 Day 249: 9/6
Zilla "helped" us paint Panini's room this weekend.  It was a great idea. He might still have a little paint in his hair.

 Day 250: 9/7
Lazy labor day!  

He's so cute when he gets up from nap time.

 Day 251: 9/8
Zilla and I were getting ready to host Girls Night Dallas.  He loves helping cook!

The girls surprised me with a sprinkle for Peter!  I am now equipped with a video monitor and a ring sling!  Insert Happy dance! 

Day 252: 9/9
I discovered a new game to play: doctor! Zilla helps fix the "owies" on momma's legs by rubbing them with lotion.  Mom win.

 Day 253: 9/10
Telework day involves work.  But today it also involved practicing with my new ring sling!  I can't wait until there is a little squish in here. Also hoping the little squish's head is significantly smaller.

 Day 255: 9/12
Zilla finally napped with momma!  Best day ever.

Reading with Mimi :) 

 Day 256: 9/13
Red Raspberry leaf tea to strengthen my uterine lining.  I like to call it my uterus water; it makes hubskie squirm.

Dinner with the cousins! 

 Day 257: 9/14
I caught Zilla putting all of his stuffed animals down for a nap.  He's so cute.

Celebrating 2 years in the faith!  (one day early)

Day 259: 9/16

One of Zilla's favorite books right now is "I'll Love You Forever"  He read it to me the other night and then I got him to do it again so I could capture it on video! OMG heart melting.  It's hard to understand him because he was a little nervous and distracted with me holding up my phone recording him.  When I read the part that says "The mother opened the door to his room,  crawled across the floor, and peeked up over the side of the bed"  I always hide behind the book and pop out.  So that's what he's doing when he picks up the book a couple of times.  The first time he read it, he picked up the book and then said "PEEK A BOO" and it was so cute!  Anyways, I love watching him "read".

 Day 261: 9/18
He loves playing with Dada.  And I love watching them play!

Day 262: 9/19 
 just living the dream, exploring a firetruck! 

 Day 263: 9/20
Little maestros providing the evening entertainment. 

Panini update! 
This was from 31 weeks.  I am now 34+ weeks!

Well, my liver function test came back normal.  This is great news!  I told Dr. B that I can deal with the itching as long as it's not putting the baby at risk  So we'll be riding this one out until Panini is ready to come!  

I've started doing all of my weird labor prep workouts, which hubskie just loves.  I'm sitting upside down on chairs, hanging out in squat positions, and rolling around on the exercise ball.  I really think these helped last time so I'm back to the game.  I also started drinking red raspberry leaf tea because I've read a lot of great things about it for labor prep.  I bought some dates as well, but won't starting eating them until the end of this month.  They have also been shown to help labor progress.  I'm also trying to go on frequent walks and keep myself active and ready for the work of labor.  I know it's reasonable to expect a quick labor since Zilla's went so fast, but I know that it could turn into a longer labor and don't want to just set myself up for being surprised.

At our last doctor appointment we had a sonogram and Panini was once again too stubborn to give me any good pictures.  We did learn that according to the sono measurements, he is in the 71st percentile.  So that sounds pretty big to me.  Yikes!  

Zilla is getting really excited about having a little brother, but also starting to sense his life is going to change.  He has said a few times "Panini needs to come out soon!"  On the other hand, he is so so clingy right now and wants to be held all the time.  It's a little bit tiring and part of me knows I need to teach him that he can't be held whenever he wants, but the other part of me wants to just love on him as much as possible because it is all going to change so much. Obviously, he won't be loved any less, but the way we show our love will have to change once Panini is here and needing some attention too.

We have made real nursery progress!  The walls have been painted and the dressers for the most part rearranged. We are waiting on some curtains and other small details, but I feel so much better now that there is progress and a crib for Panini to sleep in.

Next up is packing our hospital bags and installing the infant car seat.  It is getting so close!

    That's all for now,

The Vrlyfries
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