Monday, April 27, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Week 17

Let me just start by apologizing for this week.  I missed a few days and most of these pictures are anything brilliant.  But here goes nothing...
Day 110: 4/20
Zilla and I went to the park on Monday.  We started out at the new park, but he really prefers the "red slide" park so we ended up down by the school.  He also learned about the joys of jumping in puddles.
Day 111: 4/21 
Today we announced to the general public that we are expecting another baby!  Here's the picture we used.  I'm hoping that the pic a day blog can be my replacement for the super detailed weekly posts I did when Zilla was in my tummy.  Sorry baby #2, you're already getting the short end of the blogging stick.  Just know it doesn't say anything about how much I love you and can't wait to meet you!  It just says something about how tired I am.

Day 112: 4/22
Mt baby carrier addiction is being fed during this pregnancy, and I am super excited about it.  I finally convinced hubskie to let me get a woven wrap and it came in the mail today!  I don't expect to wear Zilla in it much, since he is more of a fan of walking.  But I do appreciate his willingness to let me practice so I'm ready to go when Baby Panini arrives!

Day 113: 4/23
Womp Womp no picture today, but happy birthday to my Godson!

Day 114: 2/24
Not only did I miss yesterday, but Friday's picture is pretty much a repeat of Wednesday's picture?  Yeah sorry.  It's all I had.  I tried out a new carry first, and it was a gigantic fail (thank goodness for the apple bribe or Zilla would have been pretty upset with me).  So we went back to the basic.  By this time I was worn out from struggling with the other carry and we ended up with a pretty messy version.  We did take Boots for a short walk while Zilla was up there and the wrap held up well.

Day 115: 4/25
My Godson's bday party!  What a little cutie.

 Day 116: 4/26
 Bump Update for 13 weeks!  Other people are starting to notice Panini's recent showing too!  It's a bit sooner than with Zilla, but I hear that's pretty normal for the second time around so I'm not going to worry about it.  Also, eventually I hope to take much better bump pics than awkward belly selfies, but for now this will do!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Week 16

Day 103: 4/13
Zilla was "fixing" his bike.  He would push himself 4 feet and then because his left side wasn't as strong as his right would start to veer off to his left and run into the grass.  He attributed this issue to the bike being broken, so he found a stick to fix it with.
 Day 104: 4/14
Well, these are awkward but it's all I have from Tuesday.  I was trying to find sunglasses.  I didn't end up buying any. 
Day 105: 4/15
My little guy, going on an adventure!  We are loving the nice weather being back.
Day 106: 4/16
Our first time seeing little Baby Panini (our gender neutral name) when he/she doesn't just look like a bean.  The profile!  Yes, I cried.  At one point it looked like Panini was snapping his/her fingers to the music that was playing in the sonographers office.  Musician in the making.
Later that day I went to Happy Hour with friends from work.  Our past three Happy Hours I have had to order fake drinks because they didn't know I was expecting.  This one was my favorite because it was just juice, rather than a bunch of sugar and sweeteners without the alcohol.
Day 107: 4/17
This is how my co worker and I announced to the office that we are both expecting.  I told her I was pregnant pretty early on and then a week later she found out she was pregnant too! 
Day 108: 4/18
Trying to pretend like our new park has lots of things Zilla can actually play on.  It requires quite a bit of parental participation. 
Day 109: 4/19
My bump popped this weekend!  Woohoo!  And I think it's getting bigger by the day. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vrlyfry Day: Weeks 13-15

WOW I have a lot of catching up to do!  I have been feeling pretty tired lately and haven't been great about updating our daily pics, but I am still taking them.  So here you go, weeks 13-15:

Week 13
Day 82: 3/23
This is the same pic from the last post from Zilla's assessment. 

Day 83: 3/24
He was showing me how to use a bat.
Day 84: 3/25
Just hanging out with my little Roodle.  Love this Chica so much!

Day 85: 3/26
Still loving his bubble machine
Day 86: 3/27
Zilla was really enjoying that lemon.
Day 87: 3/28
Helping dada with the yard
Day 88: 3/29
Uncle B is the best!

Day 89: 3/30
The neighbor's came over for dinner!  Zilla stole Unlce J Wag's hat.
Day 90: 3/31
Zilla really enjoys bothering the neighbor's cat

Day 91: 4/1
For some reason he was convinced I wanted to carry the lawn mower.  Whenever I set it back down he would bring it to me and say "here you go momma."  April Fools?
Day 92: 4/2
Dada had a very busy week and we didn't get to see him too much.  So Zilla asked to take and send a picture to him in the morning.
Day 93: 4/3
His school picture.  We didn't order any.
Day 94: 4/4
We went down the street to decorate Easter eggs.  Look at these cousins having so much fun together!
Day 95: 4/5
Lots of Easter pictures!  I love this one of our little family.

Before the egg hunt I asked Zilla to get in a line so we could say go.  He stood directly behind Mini B like this.  I guess he has learned something at school

Zilla started out really strong with the hunt.  But then he realized after about 3 eggs there was candy inside and just started to open the 3 he already had.
Week 15
Day 96: 4/6
Zilla was putting a diaper on Elmo
Day 97: 4/7
Me and hubskie had a date night.  We went big and ate at Paninis Plus.  It was really yummy
Day 98: 4/8
Day 99: 4/9
It's hard to get a picture of Zilla smiling because he really doesn't like cameras.  But when he is in the mood, he can give the cutest pictures!
Day 100: 4/10
Y'all!  BABY!  She is so precious. We took a trip to Houston and I got to visit lots of my friends.

Day 101: 4/11

Playing at our friend's house!  He thinks running in hallways is the best too!
Day 102: 4/12

Lol his hair

Sploring nature; holding his first ladybug