Saturday, July 23, 2016

Panini 8&9 Months

How Old?
8 Months!

9 Months!

I don't know but he will be weighed in a few days.  Something more than 20 lbs though

Baby Clothes
He fits best in 9 and 12 month clothes.  But I think his chubby little thighs are so cute trying to squeeze into 6 month outfits. 

Panini has changed so much the last couple of months.  From 7 to 8 months he started to become a proficient crawler and could pull up on some objects.  He also started to gain better fine motor control with his hands and developed somewhat of a pincer grasp with small objects.
From 8 to 9 months his babble has started sounding more and more like speech.  ALSO he started saying Mma MmA, and obviously I love this!  He is now excellent and pulling to stand on all surfaces and can stand up using one arm to pull while holding an object in his other hand.  He is also getting pretty good with cruising and transferring between surfaces.  He is so brave and will sometimes just let go of my hands to go for something, until he realizes he cannot walk by himself and then folds to the ground.  I can let go of his hands and for the briefest moment he can stand by himself.  I have also seen him take a tiny step up onto Zilla's stool while holding onto the kitchen cabinets.
Most recently he has started clapping his hands (rather than just toys) together. He has also started getting good at putting basic shapes into holes (mostly circles, because they are easy) when I point to where it should go. 
Socially, he is starting to enjoy group games where we all do something together like dancing.  His dancing is the most adorable thing too. 

Non-developmental Milestones
Panini now has two top teeth in addition to his bottom teeth. 
He went on his first airplane ride and did excellent!
He celebrated his first Father's Day with his Dada
Panini went for his first swim! 
More of a mommy milestone, but I accomplished my first back wrap and I was so excited about it!  Panini took sometime to enjoy back wrapping, but it really frees up my range of motion, which is nice for cooking. 

Baby's Routine
He is usually taking one or two naps at daycare and having milk about three times while he is there.  Then he takes a catnap in the afternoon and nurses nurses nurses in the evening.  We try solid food at dinner most nights.  He is getting better at eating solids, although I use the term eating very loosely.  He will at least bring food to his mouth now, I am not sure if he has swallowed any food yet.  Unfortunately he has a strong gag reflex, and many of our solid food attempts end in him throwing up all over me.    
And then comes nighttime.  We really have not improved much here.  Every now and then I will get a full night (6 hours) of sleep, but usually, I am up at least 2 times a night nursing him.

Favorite Food
If I had to pick a solid food he likes most, I would say melons.  But really, his favorite is still Mama's milk.  I am still outproducing how much he is eating by almost double, so I have donated about 630 ounces.
On the plus side of him being an excellent nurser, I have become pretty comfortable nursing him anywhere anytime. 

 Also, he has a super cute "milk drunk" face

Favorite Activity
Taking whatever toy his brother is playing with is his favorite. 
But other favorites include: Banging toys together, playing the piano, crawling after his shape sorting turtle, and he is starting to love bathing!

His less desirable favorites: Playing in the dogs water bowl (poor Boots is getting dehydrated because we have to leave his water up high), crawling into and playing in the bathroom (doors must be kept closed these days), biting (at least he has dropped the habit of biting right before latching, but he loves to bite shoulders), and playing with electrical outlets (AHHHH), and having a daily blowout (luckily this usually occurs while he is at you know, I guess there are some pluses to working?).  

Favorite Toy:
Nothing really jumps out, but maybe the cat piano. 

Big Changes
Mobility is the biggest cvhange this month. This crawling thing is really new for us since Zilla went from rolling, to briefly scooting, and then started cruising and waling. Because of this, we kind of skipped a lot of the initial getting into everything phase and by the time he was getting around faster he wasn't interested in water bowls, bathrooms, and electric outlets. 

Zilla and Panini
These two are still besties.  Though the more mobile Panini becomes, the more Zilla starts to question how awesome he is.  We recently started watching Daniel Tiger, and I find myself singing "When a Baby makes things different, find a way to make things fuuuun" quite often.  But for the most part they still get a long great and Zilla is wonderful at policing Panini and letting me know when he might be doing or chewing on something he shouldn't while I am cooking or otherwise distracted.


And finally, a few more pictures because there just aren't ever enough!



Oh sweet 9 month old boy, we love you so much!  You are growing too fast, but I am enjoying every moment I get with you!

The Vrlyfries

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  1. Yes! He has changed so much over the past month! I love watching him grow and I really love watching Zilla interact with him. The pictures you posted truly show how much Zilla loves his little brother. So glad I get to be a part of their lives. I love you!