Monday, February 15, 2016

Vrly-Fry Day. Rounding out 2015

Day 359: 12/28
Just the boys hanging on the couch.  Decompressing from Christmases in Dallas
Day 360: 12/29
I love me some Panini snuggles in the morning!

Day 361: 12/30 
Dada loves Panini snuggles too.  We made our way to Houston for Christmas continued. 

Day 362...apparently I got off count somewhere...whatever///12/31!!!
We went to a New Years/Anniversary/birthday party for some family friends.  We didn't quite make it to midnight, though I'm sure Zilla would not have had a problem making it that late. He ate so much candy that night that he ended up throwing up in his sleep.  It was cute.  Yea kids! 

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  1. Way to go on finishing out 2015! I still have a few weeks. Eeek!

    Also, I don't think I know where yall went for NYE, what did you do??