Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vrlyfry Day and 38 week Panini update!

Day 264: 9/21
My athletic little man having another great night at the park!  We will miss the sun staying up so late! 

Day 267: 9/24
I am slowly becoming a master of the grill with hubskie being at school two nights a week this semester.  After cooking these, Zilla and I were invited to a playdate at Chick fil A with Aunt Berly and Roodle, so we didn't even end up eating these that night.

Day 268: 9/25
I don't really remember why I took this picture.  Maybe because I realized I hadn't taken one that day and needed to.  Well, apparently we went to the neighbor's house that night :) 

Day 269: 9/26
Zilla was absolutely adament about going to church on Saturday.  So we went to church and said some hello's to St. Mark.  Also we walked in on a wedding, which was just a little bit awkward.

Day 270: 9/27
We are finally owners of a video monitor!  This is me testing out taking pictures on the monitor of our mischievous little guy.  

I just think this picture is so funny.  He's totally got his judgey face going on here. 

Day 272: 9/29
Zilla likes to wave bye bye as we go down the driveway in the morning.  I tear up a little bit everytime.  I can't tell if it's "I love you so much" tears or "I don't want to say bye bye" tears or a combination of both.

Day 273: 9/30
I won't be surprised if one day I have shoulder problems, but it's totally worth it to hold his hand while he still wants me to. 

Day 275: 10/2
Zilla was having a great time playing with his uncle J Wag!

Kids and their dads 

Day 276: 10/3
Nap time with all of my boys!  It only took Zilla an hour.5 to finally fall asleep.

That night we celebrated hubskie's cousin (one of my favorite Aggies) and his wife's new baby on the way.  They are due just a week before Panini! 

I have 2 of these videos.  He was having so much fun providing the evening entertainment.  And I was having a blast watching him.  I think his dance is my favorite part.

Day 277: 10/4
My bestie uploaded pictures from her wedding and I just had to steal this one.  I love these women so much and am blessed to be their friend!

Day 279: 10/6
 Girls Night!  Thank goodness for wonderful dads who take on 5 kids so the moms can have some girl time! 

Day 280: 10/7
Supination is one of our top goals before Zilla is aged out of the ECI program, and one of the few ways we can get him to practice it is with his guitar.  He'll say "look momma, my hand is under like daddy" when he's holding it right.  Love this kid! 

Day 281: 10/8 
Zilla got to see Panini for the first time.  He definitely did not understand what was going on on the screen but I still thought it was a sweet moment :) 

That evening we went to Ms. Ellie and Mr. Robert's house for dinner.  I just love this picture of my bestie and my son feeding the ducks together!  He asks to go back to see them often.

 Day 282: 10/9
Sadly, there was a knocked over flag at the park, but when Zilla was trying to pic it up, I did think it made for a pretty nice photo op.

Day 283: 10/10
One of my longest friends is moving to Colorado soon.  I am so happy for her, but pretty sad for our family.  She was a rock for us during Zilla's first few months.  

He hadn't seen her in quite a while, but it took no time before they were back to being best friends!

Day 284: 10/11
We returned to the pumpkin patch for our annual photo shoot with these two!  They are seriously the cutest cousins ever!

 Day 286: 10/13
 I'm trying to squeeze in as many special moments with this little guy before he is no longer an only child.  On Tuesday we went to the park and had a picnic while playing.

Day 287: 10/14

Y'all this kid loves music and playing his guitar!  He has also discovered if he starts to do ridiculously cute things right at bedtime, he can stall for 30 extra minutes.

 Panini Update!
Our little guy finally gave us a shot of his face!  I've been having fairly frequent sonograms because I am measuring small.  Each time Panini has been facing away from the camera and the tech will just snap a picture of his boy parts again and print it off.  I'm just like...wellll I don't really need any more pics of that, but thanks.  But at week 37, this little guy gave his momma a little peek at how handsome he is!  I definitely tear up when I look at this, he looks perfect :) 

We have made it to 38 weeks!  No real progress to speak of.  I am having braxton hicks but that is about it.  If I am reading my blogs from Zilla's pregnancy correctly, I expect Dr. B to check me for any dilation/effacement next week.  I am really really hoping for there to be some progress.  

Okay, I may really really be hoping that we won't even make it to next week before his arrival.  Not because I don't appreciate this amazing time I am getting to spend with him, because I really do, but I think I am a little bit tired of having the same conversation over and over again with strangers.  That sounds ungrateful.  Maybe it is.   I should probably be more grateful.  I am going to make a real effort to be more grateful for these conversations starting today.  Good talk, blog. But I am so ready to meet this little guy and hold him in my arms and let his brother and daddy meet him too! Also, I've pretty much checked out from work, which is not good.  I need to check back in until he is here, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

Symptoms wise, I am still itching but I think it is a little bit less.  Or I am just getting used to it.  The second liver function test came back negative too, so I think I am in the clear for that one!  At my appointment on Wednesday my blood pressure was a little high, so I am getting to do a super fun 24 hour urine collection test. I am in the middle of doing that today.  They gave me a 3000 unit jug and at 5:00 I have already used up almost 2500 units of space...soooo apparently I pee too much. Sorry for the TMI, but I'm genuinely concerned I am not going to have enough room to make it to 7:00am tomorrow morning.  I might have to start using ziplock bags or something!

Hubskie and I are going to the fair tomorrow!  I will have to monitor my blood pressure while we are there, but I am excited about the trip nonetheless. It will be the first day off we've had together in awhile and we're just going to take the time to enjoy being husband and wife.  I think it's important to do this before we add to the chaos!

The nursery is mostly complete.  Dressers are anchored to both kids' walls, clothes have been sorted and stored away, we have wall art courtesy of my bestie pictured above, and I got a large print of one of our maternity pictures to put in the room as well.  Pictures will be uploaded once it's all hanging. 

My bag is mostly packed for the hospital, I feel like I'm under-packing, but I figure if there's anything I forgot someone can pick it up for me.  As long as we have a camera for pictures, we're set!    I also picked out Panini's come home outfit.  It's cute little sailboat overalls to match his nursery theme.

Zilla is getting ready for Panini as well.  Sometimes he will tell me things like "When Panini grows up, I can teach him to play guitar too?"  Heart melt.  Oh and he is just infatuated with babies.  It is literally the sweetest thing ever.  Except for when it's with a stranger at the park and their baby trying to nurse, yeah, that happened.  But for the most part, he just loves gazing at babies and touching their back.  I love it.

 We've made it to the final countdown and with my track record of letting weeks go by without an update, the next one just might have a baby in it!

The Vrlyfries

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