Thursday, June 4, 2015

Vrlyfry-day Week 22 and *Bonus* part of 23

Day 145 05/25
Unfortunately, Memorial Day was filled with thunderstorms.  But we did get to take a trip to visit my Papa Joe.  While we were there Zilla fell in love with this little ambulance toy.  Papa Joe let him keep it as long as he promises to take good care of it.  He plays with it everyday now and even asks to take it in the car with him on the way to school.
Day: 146: 5/26
The rain just would not stop for the month of May.  Zilla found the "bunder" (thunder) pretty scary sometimes and asked to cuddle.  I was not opposed.
Day 147: 5/27
We found some sunshine today and took a walk to visit Roodle. She was busy being all adorable with her babies. 
Meanwhile, Zilla was eating Roodle's muffin.
Day 148: 5/28
Zilla has started this new thing where we will ask him to "walk like a duck" and he gets all bent over and does this hilarious waddle while quacking.  I haven't captured it on video yet, but trust me, it is so cute.
Day 149: 5/29
Look, a little more sun time!  We quickly took advantage before the next storm and played in the neighborhood rock garden.
 Today Zilla also accomplished eating while picking his nose.  That's a milestone right?
Day 150: 4/30
We decided it was time to get Zilla a basketball hoop, since his previous hoop consisted of momma making a circle with my hands.  Turns out it hurts now when Zilla throws a ball through this "hoop" right towards my belly.  So yeah, he got a real one.  And yes, we play in the house.
Day 151: 4/31
National Stroller Running Day!  Except Zilla doesn't like going for runs with me anymore.  So I took Panini instead.  We went 3.4 miles!
Bonus Days because I'm here!
Day 152: 06/01
Look at this little sweetie giving Panini kisses!
Day 153: 06/02
THE SUN IS FINALLY BACK FOR REAL!  And Zilla was thrilled to take a trip to the red slide park.  It's his favorite.
I remember a time when he struggled to reach the top rail, and now look at him.  So grown.
Day 154: 06/03
Basketball stud
He sat down and shouted "Crisscross Apple Sauce, Momma!"
Day 155: 06/04
Sometimes his daycare is a little late on giving me his crafts.  So happy late Mother's Day to me!  So sweet, I love these little hands.
Zilla made this one during therapy on Monday.  It was just a messy play activity, but I kept it because I didn't have any prints of his sweet little left hand. 

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  1. So much greatness in this post!

    1) I love that Papa Joe told Zilla to take good care of the ambulance. That's something he can have forever and you'll always remember the story!

    2) Every time you ask him to walk like a duck when I'm there, he never does it. I want to see!!

    3) Where is this rock garden and why don't I know about it?

    4) Hehe love the new milestone he accomplished at the dinner table. :-)

    5) Look at him being so sweet to Panini. Cute cute cute.

    6) The story of "Crisscross Apple Sauce, Momma!" is adorable.

    7) I teared up when reading the last caption. So sweet, Zilla.