Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Child's Love

Oh hey, it's mother's day!  I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing mothers throughout my life who have helped me become a better mother every day.  It's still hard to believe that I get to be a part of this club or sisterhood or whatever you want to call it.  

They say being a mom can be a thankless job, which it can, but it can also be the most appreciated job.  Just look at your kiddo.  Go on, do it.  Now remember back when he/she was just 15 months old.  I'd be willing to bet you were that little one's whole world.  It is overwhelming to think about how much I am loved by Zilla.  Although he doesn't know that word or understand it's meaning, he sure does feel it and show it.  Has anyone other than your child ever loved you so much that they cry whenever you leave them (hubskie could answer yes to this about me and our long distance years)?   They are perfectly able to walk on their own but prefer to hold your hand? Or they laugh when you walk into the room after a long day apart and crawl with their whole might to give you the best hug?   This past week transitioning to a new Daycare has really reminded me how much Zilla depends on and trusts me and hubskie.  Dropping him off has not been the easiest as he gives us a look of "but I love you, please don't leave me."  And oh my gosh the number of times I have contemplated taking off work to just stay with him.  It was one of those moments that really got to me in that "wow I really mean something to this kid" kind of way. 

I've talked a lot about how I have this unexplainable often irrational love for Zilla, but it's equally amazing to be on the receiving end of this unbridled love too!  I know he will grow out of this stage, but while we are here I'm going to soak it in.  Hopefully during those teenage years when he's asking me to drop him off 100 yards from the school, I'll remember that deep down he's still that little Zilla, who loves and needs his momma.

Props to my sweet hubskie who has made this a full weekend of appreciation.  He had lunch with me on Friday and brought along some flowers and a balloon, took us out for ice cream, took me to dinner on Saturday, and surprised me with more flowers and a beautiful note this morning.  He's the best...I guess I better start planning for Father's Day!

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