Sunday, January 19, 2014

Adventures with Zilla: 11 Months!

How old?: 11 months!  1 month away from being a year old! 1 month from graduating from baby to little boy!

Not really sure.  Probably about the same as last month.     

Baby clothes:  
Still wearing same size clothing.

Zilla has become very good at pulling up to stand and walking around using various surfaces for support.  He can walk pushing a little rolling cart unassisted; though not without me hovering over him for safety.  I've seen him crawl in small increments, but in general he prefers to army crawl. 

Special outings: 
We stayed in town for the most part this month.  Other than a few trips to some restaurants or stores to go shopping, it was a home-y kind of month.  Probably because it has been a month plagued with illness.  Luckily, Zilla avoided most of the sicknesses, but mommy and daddy seemed to have some kind of sickness all month.  Mommy even had to make a trip to the ER.  We all seem to be on the mend now!

Highlights of the month: 
Zilla's very first Christmas was this month!  Get ready for video and picture overload!  We had such a wonderful Christmas.  Nina came into town so we could spend it with her and my family.  
We went to Mass on Christmas Eve.  Zilla hadn't taken many good naps that day so we were a little nervous.  He was fairly well behaved, despite having to sit for about two hours since we got there a little early to be sure we had a seat.  He is such an active baby.  He was twisting and turning all throughout Mass and kept everyone around us entertained.

Christmas morning we opened gifts with Nina first and then headed down the street to my sister's to have Christmas with my siblings.  I just love seeing all the kids playing together! 

After sibling Christmas we went to my Papa Joe's to celebrate with extended family.  We have a tradition of singing Christmas carols every year and it is my absolute favorite! 

Zilla made out quite well this year.  He is definitely not lacking in the toy department.  Our living room is quickly being taken over by cars and books and puzzles.  I love it!  

Baby's routine:  
Same as last month!  The only difference is sometimes he doesn't really sleep during his first nap.  He will just stay in his room talking and playing and climbing.  He started to stand up in his crib this month, meaning we had to lower his crib.  I think all of his new abilities are a little distracting and just too much fun to even think about sleeping!

Baby's favorite food: 
Zilla continues to like most foods.  We had a lot of avocado this month but also tried some citrus fruits and a papaya.  I don't know that he has a favorite right now, he just really likes to eat! 

Baby's favorite activity: 
His top activities are bath time and playing peek a boo (or where's Zilla)

Baby's favorite toy: 
Zilla enjoys toys that he can open and close or take out and put in objects.  He loves the satisfaction of getting objects to go through holes.  He also likes cars and loves being pushed around on his little bus. 

Big changes:  
The biggest change continues to be his mobility.  I think his increased confidence in maneuvering around has also helped him to become a little more independent.  We can put him on the floor and let him play and he won't immediately try to crawl into our laps anymore. 

Mommy Journal:
I can't even handle how close he is to turning 1 year old!  This year has gone by so fast and the changes that have occurred in such short time spans is incredible!  I was going through the past posts and remembering how excited I was when Zilla started tracking a toy for the first time or when he accidentally rolled over for the first time.  These little moments are simply incredible and I'm glad I've documented them in some way.  Some months it's hard to sit down and find time to keep up with the monthly blog, but I know I will cherish these little peeks into the past for years to come!

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