Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soul to Soul

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent me encouraging messages following my last blog.  Your words mean so much to me!  Good news:  I have survived!  The bulk of my work has been turned in and I have only two small papers to turn in by next week. Just as I was finishing my last little bit for the evening I decided to check in on the online class I am a TA for to respond to any messages.  I've been way behind on grading in this class and therefore have been getting a lot of "ummmm where's mah grade?" messages.  So, checking my blackboard email always makes me a little anxious.  
Blackboard loads super slow in Google Chrome so first all I see is that I have 2 unread messages. I gear up for answering some questions.  The first is titled "feedback on assignment".  I fully expect this person to be arguing with me about a grade they received.  Instead, it's a very sweet message about how much they appreciate all the feedback I've provided to them throughout the semester.  The second email is titled "Thank You" and sure enough this girl also thanked me for giving lots of helpful feedback and making her feel like I cared about her learning process.  
Well shoot students!  That's just the thing I needed to hear as we are winding down this next time just copy my professor onto that email so she can see too ;)  But seriously, I try so hard to provide quality feedback on each of their papers, which usually results in grading taking way longer than it should.  It's so helpful to hear that at least some people appreciate this.  

On another note I had my ipod on shuffle today and it started to play Acapella's song "Good Old Acappella".  I love this song! It reminds me of some of my happiest childhood memories riding in our old subruban learning about music, God, and quality family time.  Oh yes, we all had our own parts.  It's pretty epic. 

Funny story about this song.  When Jason and I were about 1.5 years into our relationship we traveled to the good city of Belton, TX for my cousin's wedding.  Following the ceremony we got into Bryan's car with his wife, my sister and her husband.  Well, sure enough this song came on. And well, all the Vrla kids jumped right back into their little harmonies.  Bryan had the bass, Kimberly had the melody, and I was belting out that tenor line.  We hard core get into these harmonies.  It wasn't until the end of the song that I looked at Jason and saw this "wtf was that" look on his face.  I dunno, I think 1.5 years was an appropriate amount of time to let him in on (one of) me and my family's (many) quirks.   

I know I already posted one video of the song, but I had to also post this one because this group has some pretty sweet dance moves...

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  1. Definitely rocked out to this video in the bathroom while getting ready :)